14 Valentine’s Day Recipes #ValentinesDay

14 Valentine's Day Recipes #ValentinesDay

14 Valentine’s Day Recipes

Oh Valentine’s Day. Candy and chocolate flood when I’ve just rediscovered my willpower after the Christmas holiday season. But then February has to roll around with my birthday, Grambo’s birthday, and some amazing Valentine’s Day recipes. It’s hard to resist making a few little goodies!

At our house we had a blast making some Valentine’s Day Cake Balls! They are definitely one of my favorite little sweet treats to make. Plus, they can be tweaked for any special occasion you might have coming up!

I love things that are simple and easy which is why we made the cake balls. But I’ve also collected some great Valentine’s Day recipes that I want to try as well!

  1. Valentine’s Day Cake Balls by Formula Mom
  2. Cupid Cookies by Formula Mom
  3. Hot Chocolate Float by Formula Mom
  4. Pringles Brownies by The Maven of Social Media
  5. Oreo Cakester Hearts by Bakerella
  6. Guilt-Free Valentine’s Cupcakes by Mad in Crafts
  7. Marshmallow Roses by Pink Peppermint Blogger
  8. Valentine Cookie Balls by Buttercream Bakehouse
  9. Valentines Conversation Heart Cookies  by The Skinny Confidential
  10. Red Hot Love Fudge by Zim on a Whim
  11. Valentine’s Day S’mores by Bird’s Party Blog
  12. Strawberry Cake in a Jar by Mini Baker
  13. Dark Chocolate Walnut Pomegranate Clusters by Jeanette’s Healthy Living
  14. Chocolate Filled Golden Cherry Cupcakes by Sunshine and Sippy Cups

And I just found these Cinnamon Brownies by Simmworks Family Blog that I know J and W would love! So these are on my Valentine’s Day to do list now!

Actually, I would love to make all of these this year, but I’m going to limit myself to just one or two. I’m thinking about trying Marshmallow Roses. Which of these recipes would you love to try?

Tell me about one of your favorite Valentine’s Day recipes!

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