17 St Patrick Day Recipes #stpatricksday

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17 St Patrick Day Recipes #stpatricksday

17 St Patrick Day Recipes

Well, I’m not Irish but I am a teacher. Why does that matter? It means St. Patrick’s Day is a great reason to plan fun themed learning activities and some fun little treats. But I can’t just leave the fun at school! I have to bring it home to my little man now that I’m a mom. Plus, it’s a great reason to enjoy some sweet treats and I never turn down a reason to do that! But the challenge is deciding which of these great St Patrick Day Recipes I’m going to make this year!

I have wanted to try my hand at some rainbow cupcakes or a rainbow cake for a while, so I might make that. But it’s hard to resist all of the chocolate goodies too! I’m telling myself I can only make one… or two…

How do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your family?

Check out all of my St. Patrick’s Day recipe and craft ideas!


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