It’s Movie Time with 3M Mobile Projector #3MSummerFun

3M Mobile Projector Review

3M Mobile Projector

Lights, camera, action! Although we have an amazing video camera, sometimes the moments are so quick that they can only be captured with our phone. I know J’s iPhone has some fabulous videos of W but we don’t often watching again because he hasn’t transferred them over to the computer yet. I also have my fair share on my iPod Touch and iPad.

Recently we go to try out the 3M Mobile Projector and we turned our living room into a movie theater. The star of the day… W, of course! I was excited to try it because it is compatible with all three of our Apple devices. So we could watch all of the videos we’ve collected over the past year and a half!

Easy to Use 3M Mobile Projector

Easy to Use

I’m definitely a technology geek. J and I both love trying new gadgets. Of course, sometimes they end up being more of a pain than we like. So I was ready to see just how mobile the 3M projector was going to be. Just because a gadget is small doesn’t mean it’s very portable!

When we opened the box, I was pleased by the size of the 3M Mobile Projector. I was easily able to hold it in one hand. Even W was ready to try it out! He went straight for the conveniently placed power button. I was on the hunt for the cords which I found packaged underneath the projector.

3M Mobile Projector is Easy to Use

With only one cord needed to connect the projector to the other device (unless charging), I knew that we would have the ability to easily take it with us wherever we needed to go! This would have been excellent for some of the travelling we did this summer! Those episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba that W watched on the iPad because the iPad screen is really too small? The projector would have been a great hotel room solution!

I was definitely impressed by how easily the projector was to set up. We just plugged it into J’s iPhone and turned it on! I did have a bit of trouble turning on the projector because I wasn’t holding the power button down long enough at first. But once I figured that out, we were golden!

The only thing we would love to see is the ability to plug the projector into the phone without removing the phone from its Otterbox case. But that is a challenge we run into with most of our devices. I think we’ve only found one external device that can plug in while the phone is still in the case.

3M Mobile Projector At-Home Movie Theater

So Many Uses

The 3M Mobile Projector would have been a great addition to the local vacations we took this summer. With Netflix on all of our devices, I can see it coming in handy for sure. At home, we’ve had a great time watching old videos of W. He loves to watch the baby with us!

J and I have also enjoyed streaming a movie together that we otherwise would have had to watch on the laptop. It was definitely more enjoyable to be able to stretch out and relax without balancing a laptop on someone’s lap or on a pillow. While the projector is great for use at home, as a teacher I can think of so many ways to use it in the classroom!

At school I use my iPod Touch to do circle time. The 3M projector would be great for incorporating a few videos in circle time as well. It would work great because I could bring it to the floor where we sit. It would also be great for filming short videos of a procedure in class and then being able to review it with my students!

Stamp of Approval

I love that the 3M Mobile Projector truly is easy to use on the go. With only a few cords to keep track of, it’s easy to pack away and take with me wherever I go! J loves anything that can make his love (his iPhone) do even more. And W loves the projector because he can watch Pocoyo on the wall of the bedroom!

You can learn more about the 3M Mobile Projectors on Facebook and on Twitter @3mmobilprojectr.

Where would you use a 3M Mobile Projector?

Formula Mom Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of 3M and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.