4th of July Crafts: DIY Poppers #4thofJuly

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4th of July Craft Poppers

Easy 4th of July Crafts

July 4th is full of fun, family, and fireworks in my home! Every year we get together, barbeque, listen to fun patriotic music, and prepare ourselves for a spectacular light show from different areas in town. We can usually see 3-4 different shows from wherever we end up and it’s always a blast for the kids.

This year I wanted to do something special and make a few treats for everyone so the kids helped me make special 4th of July crafts — poppers with yummy mints and candies inside. We just grab each side of the popper, pull out, and watch the candy scatter everywhere!

How fun is that? Want to make some for your 4th of July celebration? Here’s how!

4th of July DIY Poppers

What You’ll Need: 

  • 12×12 scrapbook paper, cut into fourths (I chose festive colors)
  • White tissue paper
  • Ribbon
  • Candy/small prizes
  • Tape
  • Scissors
DIY Poppers 4th of July Craft Supplies

What you do:

1. Cut tissue paper a little wider than scrapbook paper and place it on the wrong side of the scrapbook paper.

4th of July Craft Make Your Own Poppers

2. Line back of scrapbook paper with tissue paper and roll both together to form a cylinder. Tape shut leaving about 1-2 inches of tissue paper coming out of each side.

Tissue & Scrapbook Paper for 4th of July Craft

3. Tie one end with ribbon to secure shut.

4th of July Craft DIY Candy Poppers

4. Fill cylinder with candy. Make sure to get the candy inside of the tissue paper.

4th of July Craft Fill It With Candy

5. Tie other end of cylinder shut to seal in the candy.

DIY Poppers 4th of July Craft

How simple was that? These poppers take all of 5 minutes to make one (unless the kids are helping… then it might take 30 minutes) and are perfect for any holiday!

Easy 4th of July Craft

Have you done any 4th of July Crafts?


 Every week Danielle brings great kids crafts to Formula Mom!

 Danielle is a work-at-home-mom of two beautiful kids and writes at the Simmworks Family Blog.
She loves to blog about her family, healthy living, going green and crafting. Danielle would love for you to come visit! You can reach her on facebook and twitter as well. If you have any questions feel free to email her at  simmworksfamily@gmail.com.


  1. Anne Lehnick says

    We are actually going to have extra kids here for the 4th of July. Maybe I can get them to help make them, too!

  2. Robin Wilson says

    I love this craft and cannot wait to adapt it for the holidays. I have enough time to collect the materials and make some for my neighbors class! She teaches 2nd grade and I know the kids will love them! Thank you so much. I just love your craft posts!


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