affirMOMtions: daily affirmations for kids

affirMOMtions: daily affirmations for moms

Daily Affirmations for Kids

I usually share affirmations that I think work great for moms. I have been incorporating a few affirmations I say to W each day. Affirmations for kids are definitely part of the mom experience so I thought I would share a few this week!

Right now I saw some of these to W on a daily basis but as he gets older I plan to encourage him to say them himself. My dad used to have me say “I like myself” ten times a day. I would groan but do it. I think it made me into the confident person I have been throughout my life!

  • I am awesome.
  • I have many gifts and talents.
  • Learning is fun and exciting.
  • I am happy.
  • I love every part of me.

Affirmations can change your day as a parent but can also have a lasting effect on the lives of your children! Get them started early!