affirMOMtions: positive affirmations for kids

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affirMOMtions: daily affirmations for moms

Affirmations for Kids

This week I have been thinking a lot about W. I want to help him to be as positive as possible as he grows up. So I have been thinking of positive affirmations for kids that are fairly simple. This week’s affirMOMtions are all about mom and her little ones! I think that one of the best gifts I can give W is encouragement to believe in himself and be positive.

So here are a few that I currently say to him since he is not old enough to say them himself. I just change the I to his name. I usually say them to him during our daily morning walks together.

  • I am happy.
  • I am important.
  • I love learning.
  • I love healthy and nutritious food.
  • I love being active.

Those are qualities I want to build up in my son so I plan to teach him to say them when he’s old enough. I still remember when my dad made me say “I like myself” in the mirror everyday. I used to roll my eyes but I think it helped me develop into a strong and confident person. So it was worth it!

How do you build your child up?


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