affirMOMtions: stress management affirmations

stress management affirmations for moms

Stress Management Affirmations for Moms

Do you deal with stress? Was that a rhetorical question? Perhaps! If your life is anything like mine, you are one busy parent! While there’s nothing wrong with busy (I actually prefer it that way), it can get stressful! Grambo is the one who helps me create the weekly affirMOMtions here at Formula Mom and she always seems to know what I need.

Apparently I needed some stress relief this week so she came up with a bunch of stress management affirmations for me! Here are some of my favorites! I have started saying them daily!

  • It is okay to ask for help.
  • I am calm. I am clear. I am focused.
  • I have all the time I need to do all the things I want.
  • I am strong and capable.

So the next time you feel like you can’t get everything you want done. Stop. Take a deep breath. And try some of these stress management affirmations!