Affordable Family Fun Idea: Family Pizza Night #HormelFamily

Affordable Family Fun: Pizza with Hormel #HormelFamily

Affordable Family Fun: Pizza Night

I love pizza. J loves pizza. Grambo loves pizza. Even the dogs love pizza. W isn’t convinced quite yet. Still pizza is a great way to affordable family fun and feed them too! For less than $10 you can make a quick and easy pizza! The entire family can get involved as well!

We usually make cheese pizza because it’s so quick ¬†and easy. But we had the chance to try Hormel Pizza Toppings last week. So J got to have some meat on his pizza too. I loved it because it was still a breeze to make!

Quick and Easy Pizza #HormelFamily

Quick and Easy Pizza

We don’t order pizza very often because the prices are crazy these days unless there is a good promotion. But we recently discovered just how much fun it is to make our own pizza at home. It’s absolutely delicious as well!

Hormel Pizza Toppings #HormelFamily

We usually make cheese pizza because Grambo doesn’t eat red meat and I like to keep it easy. I don’t want to be prepping chicken for the pizza. But sometimes we will pick up a can of pineapple or some mushrooms. The key is that it has to be an affordable topping and quick! Hormel’s Pizza Toppings definitely fit the bill and were a great way for J to get some meat on his pizza.

Pizza the Quick and Easy with with Hormel #HormelFamily

All I had to do was roll out the dough, spread the pizza sauce, sprinkle the cheese, and then add the pizza toppings on one half for J. Pop it in the oven and go enjoy some time with the family while we wait for it to bake up. Less than 20 minutes later, we are ready to eat!

That’s how quick and easy it is to make pizza at home!

Hormel Easy Pizza at Home #HormelFamily

Get the Family Cooking

One of my favorite things about having family pizza night (besides it being easy and cheap) is that the whole family can get involved in the kitchen! Get the kids involved in helping plan the pizza toppings. Make lists and go to the store together. You can even give each family member a quarter (or half) a pizza to design themselves!

Then when the fun is over, you have a tasty meal to enjoy together as well!

What is your favorite pizza topping?

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