Age is No Barrier for Kiddie Academy Franchisees

Kiddie Academy Child Care Franchisee

Age is No Barrier for Kiddie Academy Franchisees

When starting your own business, sometimes age can be a factor. Not all companies are interested in working with younger people. But Kiddie Academy is different as Cory and Summer Bullock discovered through their journey to becoming Kiddie Academy franchisees in League City, Texas.

Kiddie Academy Franchisees: Cory & Summer

Meet Cory & Summer

In 2008, Cory and Summer Bullock opened their Kiddie Academy location and they have experienced great success. They are also the youngest Kiddie Academy franchisees in the system!

Background. The young couple began seeking out opportunities to own their own business when Cory’s time with the Navy came to an end. They searched in various industries before finally deciding on child care. Many other franchise companies were not interested in working with the couple because of their age. Kiddie Academy was not one of those! The couple was welcomed and the Bullocks knew they had made the right choice.

Goals. Cory and Summer have always worked to operate a well-run business while providing families with the best child care possible. They continue to work on growing and expanding their academy and are considering a second location in the future.

Challenges. Establishing themselves in their local community was one of the biggest challenges when the Bullocks opened their Kiddie Academy. But they took on the challenge of building brand awareness. They promoted that their location was not a typical day care and worked to set themselves apart from the competition!

Results. Although they were new to their community, Cory and Summer have found great success. Despite the competition, they have maintained high enrollment, formed great relationships, and developed a brand that is respected in their area. They have also watched many children advance and achieve as a result of their hard work!

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