Baby Can Learn with the Beasts! Alphabeasts (Review)

AlphabeastsAlphabeasts are loveable plush toys that will help your child learn the alphabet and spell! There is nothing more important in learning than fun! If you can make learning fun, you will keep your child interested and motivated. Each of the 26 Alphabeasts is unique in design and has a different letter of the alphabet on the front and back. All of the beasts are double-sided with contrasting colors on each side. One side of the beast has the upper case letter while the other side has the lower case version of the letter!

Moochi the AlphabeastThe Alphabeasts were designed by two dads, Andy Ferguson and Chad Whitman, who understood the importance of education, imaginative play, and having fun while learning. Learning the alphabet is one of the basic lessons for children and those that enter kindergarten with a strong handle on their letters have a much easier time than those do not.

Alpha Toys, the makers of Alphabeasts, recognize that the alphabet is one of the most important lessons to teach children in the early stages of their learning.

We had the opportunity to welcome Moochi into our home for the Baby Can Learn event. The Alphabeasts count on Moochi to be their lookout because he can spot an ant on a blade of grass over a mile away! He has oversized eyes which help him keep watch over Alphaland and he’s a quiet fellow as he has a very small mouth.

Playing with MoochiWhen Moochi arrived, I was thrilled to see that the colors of the plush toy were as brilliant as the pictures online. He is a very bright blue and yellow as well as being very soft. W was a fan as soon as he got his hands on Moochi. Moochi also makes a great pillow for both W and I! Moochi has little horns on top of his head and W has discovered that these can be great for chewing on if your teeth are bothering you.

I really enjoyed the colors and the fact that the plush features both the upper and lower case letter M on it. It would be wonderful to have the entire collection of Alphabeasts along with a few extra vowels and most commonly used consonants on hand at home or in the classroom. Imagine what they could do for dreaded homework time!

alphabeast cardThese are great, high-quality plush toys with a washable velveteen outer body and soft fleece lettering. The mouth and eyes are all down with soft thread so there are not buttons to pose a risk for even the youngest child. Each of the Alphabeasts comes with a collector card that features the letter on the beast. These can be collected and used to play spelling games as well!

Learn more about the Alphabeasts at their website or connect with the on Facebook. You can purchase your own Alphabeasts plush toy or book on the Alphabeasts website as well.

Formula Mom Disclosure: I received a free product for review purposes. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions and experiences are 100% my own.