The Amazing Spider-Man Family Movie Night #SpiderManWMT

The Amazing Spider-Man Family Movie Night #SpiderManWMT #Cbias

The Amazing Spider-Man Family Movie Night

Family movie night is a great way to have affordable family fun. It would cost my family at least $75 to all go to the movie theater and to get pizza. But by staying at home we can buy pizza, a DVD, and some other goodies for just under $50. Plus we end up with a DVD we can watch anytime we want also. With this in mind, I set out to plan our latest Family Movie Night with The Amazing Spider-Man!

I was inspired by the theme after receiving an advance copy of The Amazing Spider-Man on Blu-Ray. J is a big movie buff and he enjoys comparing the performances of different actors in the same roles. So I knew this would be a great theme for us. Plus we hadn’t had a movie night in a while!

The Amazing Spider-Man Web Slinger App #SpiderManWMT #Cbias

Web Slinger App and Google Play

I’ve heard all about the new augmented reality apps. I thought they are great ways to engage with movies using technology. My students (and even W) are all about technology so I’m a fan learning about new apps. So before I headed out to Walmart I downloaded the Web Slinger app on both my android phone and my iPod touch.

Then, because was asleep and J was in Austin, I tormented Grambo with the app. It was time for her to become Spider Grambo and start in her very own Spider-Man Comic! Luckily, she’s a good sport and we spent some time amusing ourselves. Yes, we’re easily amused.

Web Slinger App The Amazing Spider-Man #SpiderManWMT #Cbias

The comic book part of the Web Slinger app was extremely easy to use. It only took me a few minutes to prepare a photo for Grambo’s comic book debut! She asked me if she should smile? I told her to make a tough face. This is what we ended up with!

The Amazing Spider-Man Create Own Comic #SpiderManWMT #Cbias

And she made her debut over the streets of Manhattan. We both got a good laugh out of this. It definitely inspired us to check out the movie. Which means we needed food and supplies! So it was off to Walmart to pick up pizza and more!

The Amazing Spider-Man  Walmart Marketside Pizza #SpiderManWMT #Cbias

Spider-Man Shopping at Walmart

I went into Walmart knowing that I wanted to pick up The Amazing Spider-Man themed pizza but I wasn’t sure what else I would find. You can see my entire shopping trip in my #SpiderManWMT Google+ album! There were plenty of pizza choices and I love that the Five Cheese Pizza is only $6.98! We only need one to feed all of us so it’s a great deal! Cheaper than delivery for sure!

The Amazing Spider-Man Web Slinger Marketside Pizza #SpiderManWMT

The pizza box featured a Web Slinger image just like the DVD box. It’s easy to scan them and see what 3D Spider-Man action happens! It definitely adds a new dimension to watching a movie. Oh, and it adds a bit of fun to grocery shopping. Although I will admit that there were a few other shoppers who wondered what I was doing.

To unlock additional comic book pages, I needed to scan displays throughout the store. I was bummed when I couldn’t find any displays in my Walmart. The employees didn’t seem to know what I was talking about either. I’m hoping maybe I’ll spot them next time. But I was pleased to see that there were tons of other fun ways to get the kids hyped about the film.

The Amazing Spider-Man Toys #SpiderManWMT #Cbias

Even Grambo got into the Spider-Man action. Maybe she was inspired by her comic book debut! We better watch out for her! Super Grambo could be coming to a theater near you soon! I’ll keep you updated on her budding superhero career.

Family Movie Night with The Amazing Spider-Man #SpiderManWMT #Cbias

Affordable Family Movie Night

Once we got home, we were ready for our family movie night. I love anything that gets us all together. While W won’t sit and watch an entire movie, he is happy to play in the room while we watch. Of course, it does limit the types of movies we all enjoy together right now.

Still there is nothing like spending time with my family. For less than $50 we got pizza and cookies for dinner. For that amount we could also purchase the DVD and also some of the toys. So for less than going out to the movies, families can make memories and add a new movie to their collection. You can’t beat that!

Oh, and everyone ended up happy with the pizza because it was delicious. But also because we had some pizza toppers to add to the pizza for J. He likes meat on his pizza!

Enjoying Family & The Amazing Spider-Man #SpiderManWMT #Cbias

W ate pizza for the first time too! Apparently The Amazing Spider-Man Marketside Pizza at Walmart is worthy of his love! The rest us enjoyed the pizza as well as the movie! We were lucky to receive an advance copy of the movie.

But if you didn’t, has an opportunity for you to watch the early release of The Amazing Spider-Man too!If you purchase the pre-order DVD at Walmart then you will be able to visit Vudu to watch the movie now!

To learn even more about The Amazing Spider-Man, visit on Facebook and follow on Twitter @SpiderManMovie.

Tell me about how you like to spend time with your family!

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