Around the House Giveaway Event Coming Soon!

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The Noise Girls Around the House Giveaway is Coming Soon!

Around the House Giveaway Event by Noise Girls

The Around the House Giveaway Event by the Noise Girls starts on Monday, June 25th! You will have the opportunity to win prize packages designed for different rooms of the home. There are over $3,500 in prizes up for grabs! Check out the reviews of some of the great prizes you will have the chance to win starting next week!

For the Living Room

For the Kitchen

For the Dining Room

For the Master Bedroom

For the Master Bathroom

For the Kids/Baby Room

For the Home Office

For the Outdoor Room

For the Laundry Room (Cleaning & Organizing)

This giveaway has ended.

So, which Around the House package do you want to win?


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