Cloth Leaves Nothing Behind: Baby Fresh Cleanser

Baby Fresh CleanserOne of things I hadn’t given much thought to when I was researching cloth diapers was diaper cream.  Luckily I ran across quite a few discussions of different creams and learned that not all diaper rash creams are safe for cloth diapers! So I started looking for different creams that were cloth diaper friendly. This lead me to the world of cloth wipes and wipes solutions.

To build up a stash of cloth wipes, I bought a lot of cheap baby washcloths at Target. They have come in handy for a lot of things, not just as cloth wipes! With cloth wipes came the dilemma of what to use to actually clean W. For the most part I have used soap and water but as part of Cloth Leaves Nothing Behind I had the opportunity to try Baby Fresh Cleanser! I love trying new baby products and since I didn’t have any type of cleanser, I was very interested in the Baby Fresh Cleanser.

Baby Fresh Cleanser is made in Portland, Oregon with 88% organic ingredients!

Baby Fresh Cleanser from Bebe Bottom SkincareIn addition to being made in the US and with organic ingredients, Baby Fresh Cleanser has a number of other great features:

  • each bottle lasts for about 3 months!
  • it helps reduce the bacteria that causes odor and diaper rash
  • leaves a protective barrier on baby’s skin to prevent rash

The Baby Fresh Cleanser has a scent that I would describe exactly as the name describes. It is fresh smelling but also smells like a baby product to me. Many of the other organic products we have smell more herbal but this cleanser smells very “baby” to me.

Although it has not been tested on cloth diapers by the creators, based on the ingredient list it appears to be a cloth diaper friendly product. It does not contain cod liver or zinc oxide. So far we have not had any issues with staining.

It has worked well for us during messy diaper changes although most of W’s dirty diapers are fairly… mellow compared to some from his early days. Since he has started eating more and more solids, his poo has definitely changed consistency and is usually fairly easy to plop. It’s still nice to have this cleanser to spray on and really get things clean. Lately I have been very wary about the products we use during diaper changes after we had a reaction to a certain brand of baby wipes. So far the Baby Fresh Cleanser has not caused any type of skin reaction and I am very pleased about that!

If you’re looking for a cleanser to go with your cloth wipes then you might be interested in Baby Fresh Cleanser! It’s very easy to use and has been pretty effective for us. I would be interested to see how it works with newborn poo so if anyone has tried it, I would love it hear from you!

You can buy Baby Fresh Cleanser at Bebe Bottom Skincare for $9.75. You will receive an 8 ounce bottle that will last approximately 3 months. To learn more about Baby Fresh Cleanser, visit the Bebe Bottom Skincare website

Formula Mom Disclosure: I received a free product for review purposes. However, all opinions and experiences are 100% my own.