Baby Shower Season with Munchkin

Baby Shower Memories

Baby Shower Season

In my neck of the woods, it’s one of those years again. Everyone I know seems to be pregnant! When I was pregnant with W, I had 10 other friends who all had babies within a few months of W. While I’m not pregnant again, many of my friends are so I have been hitting the baby showers.

It brings back all of the sweet memories of my own baby showers. The photo above is from the shower hosted by my mom and one of her best friends. The theme was Little Pumpkin because it was in October. I was 7 months pregnant already! It was a fabulous day and I will always cherish the memories of being with my family (my sister included) and my closest friends.

One of the best parts of preparing for W’s arrival was celebrating with people who were so excited about him. It was fun to show off his ultrasound pictures. We were also extremely blessed to receive many items that I now consider must-haves and that I include in my gifts to other expectant moms!

Baby Shower Season with Munchkin

We got wonderful variety of items to help prepare us for life with a little one. But many of them were from the brand I have grown to trust — Munchkin. From our bath letters (which are all over our house and not just in the bathroom) and teething rings that W still enjoys from time to time to our dishwasher basket that still works great for sippy cup parts and bottles brushes, Munchkin is part of our lives.

Recently I was putting together baby shower gifts for my cousin (who is due in November) and my sister’s best friend (who is due in December) and I knew exactly what I wanted to include.

Munchkin Baby Shower Must-Haves

Munchkin Baby Shower Must-Haves

So what are some of the products I love including in baby shower gifts? The practical ones! Little shoes are adorable but they might get worn once or twice. A bottle brush is going to get used far more often! Teething rings can help ease discomfort for little ones. Teething was rough for us, so I love throwing in teething rings.

Here are some of my favorite Munchkin products that I love to include:

  • Precision Digital Bottle Warmer – Although W didn’t care if his bottle was warmed or not, I know many babies do. When we needed to warm a bottle we just put it in a bowl with hot water. But I think the convenience of a bottle warmer is definitely a nice thing to have!
  • Large Dishwasher Basket – We still use ours almost every day! It’s great for keeping track of all sorts of small parts in the dishwasher. I’ve used it for water bottle lids of my own in addition to W’s sippy cup lids and valves!
  • Diaper Duty Organizer – With a two floor house, I have found it challenging to figure out how to set up a diaper changing area on both floors. I love the design of this organizer because it keeps everything together without taking up too much space!

Baby Shower Gifts from Munchkin

While I like to include one or two larger items in my gifts, I also love throwing in a few smaller must-haves to round out. They look great arranged in a reusable tote or basket. Some of my diaper bag must-haves like Munckin Multi-Use Pads and Nursery Fresheners make great fillers for gift baskets!

Munchkin Diaper Pail

A New Addition to My Must-Haves

We recently had the opportunity to try the Arm & Hammer™ Diaper Pail from Munchkin and it has definitely found a place on my must-haves list when it comes to baby shower gift ideas. I didn’t discover it until recently because we started out as a cloth diapering family. We have developed into a disposable diaper family at this point due to having difficulty finding cloth diapers that fit W well these days.

The diaper pail has definitely helped freshen up our home. It is so easy to use that when I’m putting together a baby shower gift, it’s definitely on my list of items to consider. It’s affordable and makes a great gift package if you include some bag refills!

Oh, and W thinks it’s the greatest thing too. For some reason, he thinks it’s fun to pat the diaper pail on the lid and give it hugs. I don’t know if I will ever understand the toddler mind. But he sure is cute!

Too learn more about these products I love visit the Munchkin Canada website and Munchkin Canada Facebook page! You can also connect with Munchkin Canada on Twitter!

What is your baby shower must-have product? Do you have a gift you always try to get when you’re headed to a shower?

Formula Mom Disclosure: As part of the PTPA Munchkin Canada Brand Ambassador program, I will be compensated for 3 official posts in addition to free products for review purposes. All opinions and experiences shared are 100% my own.