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Back to School Kleen Slate

Back to School

Gone are the days of chalkboards. At my school every classroom has a dry erase board. The days of doing worksheets are gone as well. These days teachers are about getting kids involved, engaged, and active in their learning. As a teacher, individual dry erase boards are one of my favorite back to school items! We can never have enough!

My first year teaching I was lucky enough to have some great parents that helped build up our class supply of dry erase boards. My first graders loved them! We used them for math practice, sight word practice, and sometimes a little creative time as well.

They are also great to have at home! It makes homework more fun! Kids can practice spelling words, sight words, and math problems at home too! I’ve learned that students of all ages enjoy using the individual dry erase boards.

Kleen Slate Back to School

Kleen Slate Dry Erase Products

I recently discovered Kleen Slate and was impressed by what they have done with dry erase products. Over the years I’ve learned that not all dry erase products are the same! You definitely get what you pay for! If you go the dollar store route (which I did early in my teaching career) you will be restocking each year.

Kleen Slate offers features I hadn’t seen before and I’ve browsed a ton of supply catalogs in my time! So what’s so great about them?

  • Double-sided. Not all dry erase boards are double-sided. But I like that the Kleen Slate paddles feature two sides. It gives me more options without having more boards.
  • Custom surface options. This is my absolute favorite feature! I have never seen it on another dry erase product. Kleen Slate features peel-n-stick dry erase replacement surfaces. This means I can just replace the surface rather than buy a brand new board! I can also change the type of surface! They have blank, handwriting lines, graph paper, music lines, and even Venn diagrams!
  • Attachable markers. If you  have kids you know how easily things are lost. This is true in the classroom too! I love that the Kleen Slate paddles have a place to store the marker right on the paddle.
  • Kid Friendly Dry Erase Markers. The Kleen Slate markers are non-toxic and have an eraser cap! They are also low odor and the points don’t push in. They are absolutely perfect for the classroom and come in a rainbow of colors!

Active Learning with Dry Erase

Dry erase products are low-tech and affordable ways to get your child involved and actively learning. You can learn more about Kleen Slate products by visiting them on Facebook and following on Twitter @KleenSlate01!

And on behalf of all my fellow teachers, consider seeing how you might be able to help out in your child’s classroom! It might be donating supplies such as dry erase boards, donating your time in the classroom, or even helping at home!

How do you get your kids excited for back to school?

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