Back to School Tips: The Academic Advantage

Back to School Tips to Gain an Academic Advantage
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Back to School Tips to Gain an Academic Advantage

As we head into the August, many parents are looking for back to school tips. Over my years as a teacher I’ve learned that once we get past the first week of school, parents want to know what they can do to help their child academically.

I don’t blame them! While lunch and recess are a blast (except when it’s still 95 degrees outside in October), school is about learning!

These are some great tips and my favorites include using the smartphone. Kids love technology! Even the most reluctant learner can be drawn in by technology! Make it work for you as a parent! Use it as a tool!

I will always say READ READ READ too! I was a first grade teacher for many years so it’s part of me! But honestly, I saw the difference it could make. Students who read at home with their families always did better in my class. So get reading!

How are you preparing for back to school this year?