5 Back to School Tips for Packing Lunch

Back to School Tips for Families

Back to School Tips

Pencils, notebooks, lunch boxes! Oh my!

I spend my days surrounded by children. Before W was born, I had plenty of experience with children. Can I admit that one almost 2-year old is definitely more exhausting than 22 first graders? Managing a room of six-year olds is definitely demanding but being mommy to a toddler takes the cake! How can one little boy be so busy?

I know many of my fellow moms are balancing chasing toddlers with getting older kids ready for school. So I thought I would share a few tips from the teacher turned mom perspective. I definitely look at the beginning of a new school year differently now that I’m a mom.

One thing that always gets to me is lunch. I get tired of packing my lunch for school after just a few weeks. I can only imagine what it will be like when I have to pack a lunch for W too! So here are some ways to spice up lunch planning!

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5 Back to School Tips for Lunch

  1. Make it a family affair! Get everyone involved! You can fill up plastic tubs with fruit, portioned bags of crackers, and dessert items or granola bars. Have your kids pick one item from each basket to add to their lunch! Then you’re only in charge of a sandwich or other main dish!
  2. Team work! If your child’s school will allow it, team up with another mom! My stepmom does this for my brother. She works with another mom to take turns making lunches for both boys. So instead of making my brother a lunch every single day, she is responsible for making lunches for 2 boys. But she only has to do it half of the time. This works great if your child has a close friend whose parent you’re close to as well!
  3. Message me! Use contact paper on the inside of your child’s lunchbox to turn it into a dry erase board! Then you can easily leave little notes for your child each day!
  4. Sandwich gone wild! Vary the types of bread you use for sandwiches! Make it fun! Consider english muffins, hot dog or hamburger buns, Hawaiian bread (my fave), or even pita bread! It can turn a boring old sandwich into something fun and breath new life into lunch!
  5. Shape up your sandwiches! You can also turn an ordinary sandwich into a lunch that will brighten your child’s day by using cookie cutters. It will make preparing lunch more fun for you too! You can go with a theme sandwich shape to match the seasons or upcoming holidays!

Don’t end up dreading making lunches this year! Make it fun instead! I’m going to have to remember my own tips when I hit the lunch time slump in November. That’s when it always hits me first!

Do you have any back to school tips that help get your family excited about the fall?

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