Barilla Microwaveable Meals Make Quick Healthier

Barilla Microwaveable Meals

Barilla Microwaveable Meals

Grambo and J both work outside of the home during the day. They both need lunch at some point. They try not to go out to lunch because it adds up quickly and usually doesn’t include the healthiest choices. So they depend on lunch from home. Grambo enjoys sandwiches but J likes to have something hot for lunch.

He is well-versed in the world of frozen meals. He’s tried a wide variety of different brands and flavors. Recently he discovered the world of microwaveable meals that aren’t frozen like Barilla Microwaveable Meals. They are great for adding even more choices when it comes to lunch.

Barilla Microwaveable Meals On the Go

Healthier Lunch Option

J loves pasta dishes so I was intrigued by the new meals from Barilla. The fact that they do not have to be kept in the freezer was also  something I liked. The first thing I did was flip the box over to check out the calorie count. I’m all about the calorie count as I’m currently journaling everything I eat. J isn’t but we try to only have things in the house that are good for everyone so I’m not tempted.

The meals average about 320 calories each but some are only 3101 That is definitely a great option for lunch. Paired with a small salad, lunch is served!

Whole Grain Barilla Microwaveable Meals

The meals are also available in whole grain varieties made with 51% whole wheat pasta. They all feature 100% natural ingredients and do not contain any preservatives. You can’t say that about every microwave meal that’s out there! And while these qualities are important to me they are not the only things.

Quick lunches need to be easy because lunch breaks are short. But they still need to taste good! Otherwise the afternoon stretches out long and full of cravings for something “good” to eat.

Easy and Delicious Barilla Microwaveable Meals

Easy and Delicious

Let me just say that the Barilla Microwave Meals passed both tests! They are extremely easy to prepare and they are pretty tasty! The front of the box claims that you can make one in 60 seconds. Pasta in 60 seconds? I’ll admit that I wasn’t convinced. But I liked the promise. So I pulled back the edge of the lid to expose the sauce and into the microwave it went!

60 seconds later, a piping hot meal came out. Yes, it was hot so be careful. After getting a bit of a warning from J who had a slight mishap with the hot sauce, I knew to hold on firmly while peeling back the rest of the lid. With a quick pour of the sauce and a little bit of mixing, I was ready to eat!

There was just one problem… W. I had about two bites and was pleasantly surprised by the flavor of the pasta when he toddled over to me. As usual, he wanted a bite. Lately he might have a bit or two of what I’m eating and then wander away. Not this time! I was lucky to get about three more bites. W ate the rest of the meal!

It was great to see him eating something other than chicken nuggets so I was more than willing to share!

We’re sold on the new Barilla meals. They are definitely a great option when you need a quick lunch that is still satisfying. You can learn even more by visiting Barilla on Facebook.

When do you find yourself turning to microwaveable meals?

Formula Mom Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Barilla and received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.