Beach Baby Powder Trick

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Are you headed to the beach this summer? I know that I plan to take W down to Galveston to visit the beach at least once or twice. He is a little sand monster and it’s definitely a pain to get him all cleaned up before getting back into the car. Then I learned a little trick to a sand free beach trip!

Beach Baby Powder Trick

When you pack for your next trip to the beach, add a little bottle of baby powder to your beach bag. Once you’re at the beach, rub baby powder on your child’s skin and the sand will come right off! You can also use it as dry shampoo! Just sprinkle it on your hair and comb in down through the roots!

Have you ever tried the beach baby powder trick? Do you have any other uses for baby powder?


  1. Joy Pablo says

    Wow this is a great tip!! We go to the beach a couple of times a week during the summer and I will definitely be trying this out!

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