Behind the Scenes of Wreck-It Ralph: In the Recording Studio #DisneyMoviesEvent

Behind the Scenes of #WreckItRalph #DisneyMoviesEvent

Behind the Scenes of Wreck-It Ralph

So, Disney is magic right? It is for me and I know I’m not alone. It used to be that when I thought about Disney magic, I thought of family trips to Disney World. Yes, those memories are still some of the most magical I have ever experienced.

But there is a new kind of Disney magic in my mind. It’s the magic of Disney animated films like Wreck-It Ralph. I was introduced to a whole new world of amazing as I went behind the scenes of the film as part of the #DisneyMoviesEvent last month. I learned a lot during the Wreck-It Ralph press day and some of it even got fairly hands on with a drawing lesson.

I started to feel like I was part of the movie. The energy is contagious and when I had the opportunity to actually step inside the film, I’ll admit… the butterflies started fluttering in my stomach.

In the Recording Studio! #WreckItRalph #DisneyMoviesEvent

In the Recording Studio

Yes, that’s me with Vanellope von Schweetz peeking out over my shoulder. Yes, I’m in the recording booth. You can’t tell in the photo but I was feeling that rush… stage fright. Yes, those feelings I used to feel when I was a kid right before I stepped on stage. The adrenaline that makes a performance a good one. It was so familiar, so excited, and so terrifying at the same time.

What was I doing in there? Bringing new life to Vanellope in one scene of Wreck-It Ralph. Thanks to Storyboard artist Raymond Persi (who also voices Gene and Zombie in the film) and recording booth technician Gabe Guy, I learned the ins and outs of bringing film characters and the story through life through dialogue.

The voice demonstration was an amazing experience and we learned more about how actors usually record alone. They often work for a few hours and do many takes of the same line. This gives the technicians more to work with when it’s time to edit.

But I only had one chance to make it amazing!

So I took a deep breath, put on my brave face, and channeled my inner child actress…

As the screen counted down to my Disney recording studio debut, the familiar flutters of stage fright bloomed into the energy I needed to be a bratty little girl who might be a little too hyped up on sweets!

Voice acting is definitely challenging and I have a new admiration for the actors helping voice all of these fabulous Disney characters. It’s definitely magical!

While you won’t be hearing my voice in Wreck-It Ralph on November 2nd, you can catch me as the voice of Vanellope von Schweetz ! Let me know what you think of my performance?

While you wait for my debut and for November 2nd, check out Wreck-It Ralph on Facebook!

Tell me about the Disney character you would love to have the chance to lend your voice to!

Formula Mom Disclosure: Disney provided me with a trip to Los Angeles in return for my honest review on the movies and events mentioned above. Most of my expenses  were paid by Disney and no other compensation was given. All experiences and opinions are 100% my own.