Being a Good Mom: Feeding My Baby

Being a Good Mom: Feeding My Baby

Being a Good Mom: Feeding my Baby

Recently, a number of blogging friends discussed the things they do as parents that might make them “crappy” parents in the eyes of others. It seems like there is always one debate or another when it comes to parenting issues. I’m not sure a mom can ever get it quite right. That’s why I’m all about trusting my mommy instinct and doing what works for my family.

So, I thought I would share a few things from my formula for mom. Things change almost constantly it seems and I know there are plenty of people out there that would be happy to chime in on the way I do things. But they work for us and W is happy. I’m pretty sure that means I’m doing my job as mom.

This week I am sharing some of the things that we have been through when it comes to food and feeding.

  • I supplemented breastfeeding with formula in the beginning. Then exclusively formula fed from four months on.
  • I used a variety of formula brands depending on what we had coupons and checks for.
  • I did feed him some store-bought, non-organic baby food.
  • I started him on solids around six months. I let him try anything he was interested in, including peanut butter.
  • I let him eat chicken nuggets fairly regularly.
  • He often drinks 2% milk rather than whole milk.

Guess what? W is extremely healthy and happy. That is what I base my choices on. So, do what works for you as a mom! Go with your gut feelings because there is something to those!

What is your formula for mom when it comes to feeding your child?