Being a Good Mom: Who is To Judge?

Being a Good Mom

Being a Good Mom: Who is to Judge?

So many of my mom friends talk about the “right” way to do things. As I shared last week, I’m pretty sure being a good mom is about doing what is best for your child and your family. I think this applies to any area of parenthood. I’m all about moms trusting themselves.

But I know it can be hard. It seems like there is always someone around to judge or¬†criticize¬†parenting choices, no matter what choices you make. I know how this can be. I’ve made plenty of decisions that have caused people to give me their two cents.

My Parenting Choices

Here are just a few decisions that I have received “advice” on over the past 22 months.

  • I only saw a midwife for prenatal care. (Yes, there were people who thought I was getting lower level care.)
  • I gave birth in a birthing center, not a hospital. I am debating home birth for the future.
  • I had a waterbirth.
  • I pick W up when he cries. I don’t worry about it spoiling him.
  • We cosleep.
  • I used cloth diapers for 10 months and then switched to mostly disposable diapers.
  • I get him vaccinated on the regular schedule.
  • I have never had him on a set schedule. I follow his cues.

Do these make me any better or worse of a mom then my friend down the street? I don’t think so! I have my son’s best interests at heart. I want to see him grow up to be a happy and healthy young man. I want my family to be full of love and support. As long I keep those goals in mind when I make decisions, I don’t think I can go wrong!

This is the way I feel about all moms and dads! So go with your gut and give your child (and family) what is needed! Love is the key! Everything else are just details.

Have you ever felt judged because of a parenting choice you made?