Being Brave with Kiddie Academy Child Care Learning Centers

Kiddie Academy Child Care Franchisee

Kiddie Academy Child Care Learning Centers

Kiddie Academy Child Care franchisees get started for a variety of different reasons. But no matter why they choose to get started, it takes a leap of faith and being brave to become your own boss. Saj and Sunny are a couple that took that leap when they weren’t satisfied with the child care options available in their area.

Kiddie Academy Child Care Saj

Being Brave about Child Care

Saj and Sunny Rizvi opened their Kiddie Academy franchise in Streamwood, Illinois in 2008.

Background. After the birth of their daughter on 2005, the couple discovered that they were disappointed with the child care options in their area. This led them to explore the option of opening their own child care franchise. After researching for 6 months, they were wowed by Kiddie Academy and made their decision.

Goals. They strive to create  a great experience for every family that walks through the doors of their center. They have focused on hiring staff that maintain an active, enthusiastic presence in their academy. They plan to extend these practices to multiple locations as they become multi-unit franchisees.

Challenges. Saj and Sunny had to be brave as they faced the unknown. They were new business owners but  learned the ropes with hands-on experience and support from the corporate office. Through hard work and commitment they have seen increased enrollment numbers.

Results. The Rizvis have the reputation of being dedicated to the community and providing exceptional experiences at their Kiddie Academy. Families have provided great positive feedback and the couple is respected in their community!

Kiddie Academy Franchise Opportunities

If you’re searching for the business opportunity that is right for you and would like more information you can learn more about opening a Kiddie Academy franchise of your own. Even if you don’t have any business experience, through hard work and commitment, Kiddie Academy can help you get started!

Formula Mom Disclosure: I was compensated for this post and have a relationship with Kiddie Academy. However all experiences and opinions are 100% my own.