BobaAir the Newest Member of the Boba Wrap Family

Boba Air Newest Boba Wrap

Meet the BobaAir

I am thrilled to introduce the newest member of the Boba Wrap Family — the BobaAir! I have been the babywearing type since W was small! We were huge fans of our Boba Baby Carrier 3G. So I was excited to try the newest Boba product. You might be wondering about the photo above. Where is the carrier?

It’s in the pouch! No seriously!

The BobaAir fits right into that pouch! It is perfect for busy parents or for travel! Don’t believe me? I can prove it!

BobaAir is Perfect for Travel

Baby Carrier for On the Go

The BobaAir is extremely lightweight and actually fits into a travel pouch that is perfect for the diaper bag or glove compartment! I will admit that one thing that stops me from wearing W from time to time is that I have to lug our carrier around with me. It’s not huge but it is on the bulky side when you’ve got other things to carry. Problem solved with BobaAir!

It weighs less than a pound! It’s made of high-tech nylon fabric that is easy to clean. It’s also water-resistant which is great when we’re outdoors! But there is one thing that thrilled me even more…

BobaAir 45 pound weight limit

45 pound Weight Limit

The BobaAir has a 45 pound weight limit which means I can still carry W in it! He weight in at 35 pounds at his 18-month appointment. Weight limits are definitely something I pay attention to when it comes to baby and toddler products. I was so excited because there are times when I would love to wear W but I want him to be safe.

A baby carrier that I could carry in the diaper bag and would hold W? I was ready to try it! W has been worn in a while so I was hoping he was ready too!

BobaAir Baby Carrier

Easy to Use

Like my other Boba Carrier, the BobaAir was easy to put on. The carrier comes with a manual that includes easy to follow directions. I wasn’t worry about this part though! I can handle a front carry with ease. That’s what I decided to try with W. In the past he has only liked being in a front carry if he can be forward facing.

Lately he has been so clingy that I thought I would try the front carry even though he has to face in with the BobaAir.

BobaAir works great for larger babies

BobaAir Works Great for Bigger Babies

W was a huge fan! He was all smiles and curled up against me. This might be a lifesaver again on those rough days. Babywearing got us through tough teething days last summer. It just might work again!

I love the lightweight fabric but I wondered about the comfort for me. 35 pounds is a lot to carry! I was able to wear him around the house for half an hour without any issues! The straps are not as padded as on my other Boba Carrier but that is why it can travel so well! I didn’t have any complaints because the carrier was still comfortable for both W and I!

BobaAir Baby Carrier

Bringing Mom and Baby Closer

With the BobaAir in our home, I can definitely see myself wearing W more. Instead of a diaper bag when we go out these days, I usually use my purse for short trips. I throw in a diaper, sippy cup, and some cars. Then we’re off! Now I could throw in the BobaAir and be prepared!

The BobaAir would have been perfect for all of the traveling we have done with W over the past 6 months. It would also be great for families that like to spend time outdoors but don’t want to lug a bigger carrier with them.

Back Carry with the Boba Carrier

I have a confession to make. I am not supermom. Stop the presses! I know, it’s a bit disappointing but there is one skill I have not mastered in my 19 months of motherhood.

I cannot put W in a back carry on my own!

Nope, I just can’t do it.

Boba provides some fabulous instructions on how to do it in their manual. But I am just not coordinated enough. J has to help me. But i love that we can do a back carry with W in the BobaAir and we will be doing it soon! For now, he has been content with a front carry. I think it’s because we can hug for hours in it!

BobaAir Newest Boba Carrier

Is BobaAir Right for You?

If you’re looking for a lightweight, waterproof baby carrier that is great for travel, I definitely recommend the BobaAir carrier. It is available for $65 in the Boba store.

Boba is featuring a $1000 vacation package giveaway in honor of BobaAir!  Check out the BobaAir $1000 Dream Vacation Pin-It-To-Win-It Giveaway to learn more about how you could win a fabulous family vacation!

You can learn even more about the fabulous line of wraps and carriers offered by Boba by connecting with Boba on Facebook and on Twitter @Boba!

Where would you use BobaAir?

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