4 Ways Born Free Tru-Clean Sterilizing System Helps Parents

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Born Free Tru-Clean Sterilizing System #NGgiftguide

4 Ways Born Free Tru-Clean Sterilizing System Helps Parents

About two years ago everyone I knew seemed to be having a baby. I was one of the new moms! Now it seems like many of my friends once again have newborns or are expecting again. While we are not, there are a few brands I depend on for baby shower gifts! Born Free is one of the brands we have come to depend on in our home.

One problem I have is that I continue to discover products that I would have loved to have when W was younger. But that is the beauty of gift-giving. You can pass on the products you would love to have to a fellow mom! The Born Free Tru-Clean Sterilizing System is one of those products for me!

There are 4 ways the Tru-Clean Sterilizing System helps out new parents!

  1. All-in-one design. The system includes a sterilizer, dishwasher basket, and drying rack. Anything that saves counter space is great by me!
  2. Cool to the touch. The sterilizer stays cool even when a cycle is in progress! Plus, the hinged lid vents the steam and keeps the counter dry!
  3. Holds up to 6 bottles. The system can hold up 6 bottles and accessories while still being a compact machine!
  4. Quick sterilization cycle. Bottles are sterilized in about 16 minutes and cool after 20 minutes. So in about 20 minutes you can have 20 fresh bottles ready for action! Oh, and the visual timer is great for letting parents know how much time is left!

I’m all about easy and convenient when it comes to my busy life. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in that. That’s why I’m a fan of this system. It doesn’t take up much space in my kitchen and it gets bottles prepped without much hassle. There’s not much more I could ask for especially during those early days with a new baby!

Born Free

Born Free Tru-Clean Sterilizing System

The Tru-Clean Sterilizing System is available at Babies “R” Us and Buy Buy Baby. The suggested retail price is $89.99 and you can find more information at newbornfree.com. You can also find Born Free on Facebook and on Twitter at @NewBornFree.

Tell me about your favorite feature of the Born Free Tru-Clean Sterilizing System!

Formula Mom Disclosure: No product or financial compensation was provided for this post. I am simply a fan of Born Free and supporter of their products.


  1. says

    Great product! didn’t know that a sterilizer could also be a dishwasher caddy & a bottle dryer! This is awesome! I have all of those separate gears and they take up so much space! Also love that it’s fast on sterilizing. Sometimes I forget to do it because there are so many things to get done when taking care of a baby, that i realize i haven’t sterilize bottles and it’s close to his feeding time, so i need a fast sterilizer! Thanks for the information!
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  2. Marthalynn says

    This is wonderful! I have a baby due in February and I would love to have this. For my last baby, I sterilized with sterilization bags in the microwave. But those were costly and really added up!

  3. Lisa R says

    Another one i wish I had for my kids growing up, this would be great for my friend who just had a baby

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

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