Meeting Bratzillaz Girl Jade J’Adore (Review)

Bratzillaz Dolls Review

Meet the Bratzillaz

Now I’ve heard of the Bratz dolls, but I’ve never heard of Bratzillaz. At first I though they might be a special Halloween themed set of Bratz dolls. But then I learned that they are the enchanted good witch cousins of the Bratz girls. Once I learned that, I’ll admit that I was intrigued.

My wonderful guest reviewer, Tammy, was kind enough to let her 9-year-old daughter check out Jade J’Adore. Each of the Bratzillaz girls has inner secrets and special powers. Jade’s power is the ability to help you find your one true love. How romantic! She can also help heal your broken heart too. I can think of a number of girls I know who would love a doll that is all about love.

Bratzillaz Jade J'Adore Review

Each girl has a pet that is sold separately. And Jade’s favorite pet is Kissifuss. He doesn’t look like any pet I’ve ever seen but he is pretty cute! Jade J’Adore’s witchmark is a heart arrow and she loves fashion magic class. I was thrilled to hear what Tammy’s daughter thought of the Bratzillaz doll!

Jade J'Adore Bratzillaz Review

Meeting Jade J’Adore

As I finally broke down and shared with my daughter that she was getting to play with yet another MGA Entertainment doll, she was about as giddy as they come. She racked her brain trying to figure out who the next fantastic friend would be. And before Jade J’Adore even left the package I knew that this Bratzillaz would be top on her list of dolls to play with.

Sure enough later in the day when her friends came over,  Jade J’Adore was the one that she chose not to share with the others!

Jade J’adore is as adorable as her name and is perfect for this time of year.  I immediately thought Halloween when I saw the doll. While my daughter was only focused on dressing up to match. She immediately asked to go to the craft store to find some fish net so that she could make a pair of gloves and a “mask” to match.

That will have to wait, because instead she spent her allowance to buy Jade J’Adore’s favorite pet, Kissifuss.  An equally cute pet, that’s tummy lights up with a pat on the head.

Bratzillaz Review Jade J'Adore Doll

I love that with these new dolls my almost in “tween” daughter is still looking forward to playing with them and using her imagination. She is asking for more of them and I do believe there is a gift giving holiday coming up soon! I know exactly what she’ll be receiving and it’s not a phone!

You can also unlock more Bratzillaz secrets online using the Magic Spell Card that comes with the doll or the pet card. You can discover magic wands, cast spells, and more! We haven’t checked out the website or interaction ability yet due to time, but I’m sure she’ll be visiting soon!

The other Bratzillaz girls are definitely on our shopping list!

You can learn more about them by visiting Bratzillaz on Facebook or on Twitter @BratzillazDolls.

Tell me which Bratzillaz doll a girl in your life would enjoy!

Formula Mom Disclosure/Disclaimer

Special thanks to my guest reviewer, Tammy, and her daughter for taking the time to try out Bratzillaz Jade J’Adore!