California Pizza Kitchen Frozen Pizza for Moms

California Pizza Kitchen Frozen Pizza for Grown Ups

Mom Made Easy with California Pizza Kitchen

Frozen pizza is my tip of the week? YES! Before you start wondering what I’m thinking, let me explain. This week marks my return to the classroom. I love teaching but I also adore W and wanted to be able to be home with him more. So I’m only teaching part-time this year.

Part time hours means part-time paycheck. I’m blessed that my family is able to make this work. I am thankful every single day. To help out, I’m on a quest to save money whenever we can. One way we do this is by eating in more! As a result, I have rediscovered the joys of frozen pizza especially California Pizza Kitchen!

They are easy to prepare and they make us feel like we’re splurging. We generally eat pretty healthy during the week. A pizza on the weekend feels like a great treat. But I have a confession…

Sometimes I don’t want Pepperoni!

It’s true. J loves pepperoni and mushrooms. So he’s happy to enjoy a frozen pepperoni pizza hot from the oven. But I don’t always want my pizza laden with meat. So my options in the frozen food section are often limited unless I want plain cheese. The veggie combos can be difficult to find.

California Pizza Kitchen has come to my rescue! They offer a number of frozen pizza flavors that feature veggies or a twist on plain cheese. I’m in love with the crispy thin crust White. It is absolutely delectable. It gives frozen pizza a whole new life! It features a blend of mozzarella, asiago, parmesan, and romano cheeses. Paired with spinach and garlic and I’m in love!

This is not your typical frozen pizza. It’s perfect for the grown ups!

The next time you’re planning a pizza night with your family, consider opting for frozen pizza. It would be great for a family game night and they offer more traditional flavors such as their Signature Pepperoni for the younger ones! But mom and dad can enjoy something great like BBQ Chicken or Hawaiian!

California Pizza Kitchen

Saving Time and Money

Oh, and let’s not forget the other reasons I’ve rediscovered a love for frozen pizza. It’s easy. Heat the oven, pop it in, and dinner will be ready without much more effort. Add a salad or another side dish to round out the meal.

It’s also a great way to save money! 3 of us shared one pizza! I can usually get a California Pizza Kitchen pizza for $5.99 if they aren’t on sale. Add a salad and maybe a dessert and you’re feeding 3-4 of us (depending on what W wants to eat) for around $10. You can’t do that at a restaurant!

To learn more you can visit the California Pizza Kitchen Facebook page or connect on Twitter @calpizzakitchen.

What toppings would make your frozen pizza more adult?

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