Ways to Celebrate New Years Eve with Kids

Ways to Celebrate New Years Eve with Kids

20 Ways to Celebrate New Years Eve with Kids

New Year’s Eve used to be a time to let go and have a good time. Then W was born and now I’m lucky to make it to midnight. It’s less about the party these days. It’s more about having a good time with kids. Since W is a night owl, he will definitely be making it fairly close to midnight. So I went on the hunt for ways to celebrate New Years Eve with kids!

You can always celebrate at noon or in a different time zone. But once you’ve figured out the timing of your celebrations, you’ll need some fun things to do/make with the kids!

I’m looking forward to enjoying quite a few of these this year!

  1. New Year’s Eve Egg Drop – This is a great craft project that adds to the celebration later!
  2. Ribbon Spool Noisemakers
  3. Bubble Wrap Noisemaker
  4. Crayon Scratch Fireworks
  5. Countdown Bags
  6. Toilet Paper Party Poppers – I have a cabinet full of toilet paper rolls that I think are going to get some use!
  7. New Year’s Countdown Confetti Favors
  8. DIY Party Hats
  9. New Year’s Wishing Tree
  10. New Years Firework Craft
  11. DIY Glitter Votives
  12. New Year’s Eve Sensory Bin
  13. Printable Party Hats
  14. Pomegranate Lime Bubbly Drink (non-alcoholic)
  15. Edible Party “Horns”
  16. Clock Cookies
  17. Fireworks Cookies
  18. New Year’s Eve Bath Activities
  19. New Year’s Eve Activities for Kids
  20. Family Time Capsule Questions
And if you’re looking for something bite-sized and sweet to treat yourself, try my New Year’s Eve Cake Balls. They are a blast to make and serve! The kids love them!

What will you be doing to celebrate New Years Eve with kids?