Adding to my Daily Regimen with Centrum ProNutrients Probiotics #NutritionPossible #CBias

Centrum ProNutrients ProbioticsLately I have been working on being very consistent with my daily regimen of vitamins and supplements. I’ve also been watching my calories in an effort to continue losing the baby weight I gained while pregnant with W. Lately while at work, I’ve been craving a snack in the afternoon and I’m not talking about the apple I have been taking with me! I’m thinking more crackers, chips, or cookies! The other day I had such a craving that I decided it would be smart to run to Walmart and pick up some “safe” snacks so I didn’t go on a hunt for chocolate. A lot of my fellow teachers have chocolate so it’s not difficult to find around school! I was smart enough to take control and go to Walmart to pick up some 100 calorie packs so I could satisfy my craving in a way that I could easily control.

Centrum ProNutrients ProbioticsI needed to go to Walmart anyway because I had decided to try adding probiotics to my daily vitamin and supplement regimen to see what it might do for me. I am interested in the benefits for my digestive system because my stomach has been a little more sensitive lately. I was extremely intrigued by the Centrum ProNutrients Probiotic because in addition to helping to maintain the digestive system but it also claims to help support immune function.

I am currently finishing a bottle of prenatal vitamins I purchased right at the end of my pregnancy and I will probably continue taking prenatal vitamins because they work well for me. I take two 600 mg Calcium tablets a day to ensure I am getting enough Calcium. I also take a B6 to help with my energy levels. I don’t always take these but have gone back to it recently. I also take 1000mg of Cinnamon to help maintain blood sugar levels although I do not have any issues with it at this time, diabetes does run in my family. I also take 1200mg of Flaxseed Oil a day. I alternate between this and Fish Oil.

I have read a lot about probiotics in the past, but I never made the jump to try them despite the fact that I have tried a number of different supplements in the past. Before I decided to pick up the ProNutrients Probiotic I did read up on probiotics to refresh what I knew. I like to keep myself educated and like that the Centrum product contains two of the most studied probiotics. They are Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis Bb12 (Bb12) and Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG). I was ready to jump in and give probiotics a go!

Centrum ProNutrients ProbioticsI started taking the Centrum ProNutrients Probiotic about 5 days ago. Each box has a 14 day supply so I’ve still got over a week to go before I need to pick up a new box. I have been putting it in my yogurt because I eat a yogurt each day and that was one of the recommend serving methods on the box. Centrum recommends you have it in yogurt or another food or beverage.

I was nervous that it would make my yogurt gritty or something like that but it mixed in extremely well. It is flavorless and I cannot even tell when I have added it to my yogurt. It is extremely convenient for me and is so nice because I didn’t have to add any pills to my mornings!

I am hopeful that the probiotics will help me battle all of the germs I come in contact with at school. It never used to bother me that much because I am generally healthy but now I have W to think about. I don’t want to get sick and would like to expose him to the least amount of germs that I can. So, while I would be interested to see if I see benefits in the digestive area, I am extremely interested in the immune support aspect of this product.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Centrum ProNutrients Probiotic and how easy they were for me to find at Walmart, check out the slideshow of my quick trip to the store! You can also print a $3 coupon like I did and save money just by visiting Centrum on Facebook!

I’d love to hear more about your daily regimen! Do you take any supplements or vitamins? What are your reasons?

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