Chatman Helps Keep Kids Safe Online (Review)

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Chatman, who?

Chatman is the smart and funny friend that can help keep your kids safe online!

Chatman helps keep kids safe onlineChatman is designed to be an online companion, making chat sessions, surfing the web, and playing games more fun. He (or she!) talks, moves, and has an animated LED mouth. Chatman understands language, context, and mood. He is fun for kids but can also put parents’ at ease because he will warn your child of inappropriate content during a chat session!

Chatman keeps kids safe online!

As a parent and a technology teacher, internet safety is already on my mind. I want to be prepared for when W is older. He is already interested in all things technology! Of course, I’m also a busy mom so I’m looking for products that are easy to use as well!

Chatman is extremely easy to use! All I had to do was insert the disc that came in the box into my computer to get started!

Installing Chatman

Then I connected Chatman to my laptop’s USB port and followed the instructions. Before I knew it, my installation was complete and my Chatman came to life!

Chatman keeps children safe online!

The next step is learn about Chatman with the short tutorial. I also got to choose a personality (you can make your Chatman a boy or a girl) and give mine a name.

ChatmanI made our Chatman a girl and named her Lil’ Miss Chatty! Yes, I am a kid at heart and enjoyed getting her all set up! I love technology and playing with new toys!

Once I completed the quick tutorial, I was ready to get online with Chatman.

I have used a number of chat programs over the past 12 years. Chatman is compatible with many popular chat programs including Facebook, Skype, and MSN. Chatman also recognizes over 15,000 words!

Chatman has a very easy to use navigation menu making it very kid-friendly. Kids can even navigate the web from within the Chatman program. It’s a safe way for children to surf the internet and find the best results.

Check out all of the great features that come with Chatman:

  • You can teach Chatman! Chatman learns new phrases and chitchats!
  • Play with Chatman by accessing over 1,000 games, cool videos, and more.
  • Don’t miss important dates! You can set reminders for important dates such as school work, birthday parties, and sports games.
  • Stay safe with Chatman!
    • Not a stand-alone chat platform so there’s NO STRANGER DANGER.
    • Alerts when inappropriate chatting is exchanged on social networks.
    • Alerts when inappropriate web searches are attempted.
    • Parents can add additional malicious expressions or questions to watch out for.

Chatman is great for children between the ages of 6 and 12. It helps keep them safe and organized while having fun online! I don’t know how many of my students at school would use it for homework help, but they love to connect with others online. Most parents I know would love to have a little extra security that their children wouldn’t try to get around!

Help kids learn about communicating online with Chatman!

You can learn more about Chatman at and get connected with Chatman on Facebook and on Twitter @ChatmanFriend.

Chatman is currently available at Toys R Us, Best Buy and other retailers for around $69.99. Oh, and no batteries are required!

What is your favorite Chatman feature? Who would you like to help stay safe online?



  1. Penny says

    When my boy first saw Chatman, he was very intrigued and begged me to open it up right away! Once I installed the software, and plugged in the USB the setup was done and Chatman was ready to go. I love that it does not require any batteries, finally a toy that doesn’t!! :)
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