Chevy Tahoe Review – Chevy Makes Family Travel Easy #chevystaycation

Chevy Tahoe Review

Chevy Tahoe Review

I never thought I would ever be here sharing my opinion about a vehicle. But I was ecstatic and extremely flattered when Chevy approached me to send us on a Chevy Staycation to Galveston! Although we’re not thinking of buying for a few more years, J loves his Chevy Malibu and we have been considering a Traverse for our next family car.

Well, I have to admit that I might have changed my mind after spending a week with the new Chevy Tahoe! My aunt owns an older Tahoe and I always liked the space it provided. But after driving the new Tahoe for a week, I think I might be in love! Hold on tight for my Chevy Tahoe review!

Actually, don’t worry. It’s going to be a very smooth ride!

Chevy Tahoe Makes Travel Easy

Chevy Tahoe Has Room for the Family

When I think of needing a vehicle with plenty of space, I’m usually thinking about room for each family member. Being a mom has made me realize just how important it is to have room for all of the stuff! Gone are the days of traveling light! We have a toddler on board!

Even with the third row of seats down, there is a nice amount of space in the back of the Chevy Tahoe. Lift the third row and I could lay in the back! No there is no photographic evidence that I actually did but… anyway! We were able to fit all of our stuff in the back with ease. We had to have our bags, the stroller, some extra swim gear for the beach, and a fan. Yes, I do not sleep well without a fan at night!

Chevy Tahoe Review Driver Side

Chevy Tahoe Steering Wheel

Driving in Ease and Comfort

I will admit that I am not great at driving longer distances. Even hour trips get to me. So driving to Galveston sounded like something I would just have to endure to get to the beach. Driving the Tahoe turned my dread into enjoyment!

I am on the taller side and I usually have to have the car seat as far back as is will go to comfortably reach the pedals. In this SUV, I actually had to move the seat up! This is great because it means that J can drive comfortably as well since he is taller than me!

I also enjoyed being able to control my own air conditioning. That might actually be one of my absolute favorite features! I get chilly easily so I like to set the AC a little bit higher than other people in my family. With split AC controls, I was able to find a setting that didn’t freeze me out as I drove!

Oh, did I mention that the Chevy Tahoe also features cooled seats? With a press of a button, I could feel the leather beneath me start to cool down. This is an absolutely brilliant feature to have during the summer in Houston! Loved it!

Chevy Tahoe Easy Navigation

Navigate with Ease in the Chevy Tahoe

I knew that the Tahoe offered a built-in navigation system. I was excited about it because I am one of those people who likes to plan ahead. I print all sorts of maps out before we leave. If J is in the car with his phone, he is also on navigation duty. I like to be prepared. Having built-in GPS was a dream come true.

But there was something even better. A back-up camera!

So, I might have an irrational fear of backing up in a parking lot and hitting a pedestrian. I have never even been close to doing this. Not once since I started driving. But I’ve always had this fear. That’s why it’s irrational. The back-up camera helped me put that fear to rest. At least for a week.

Chevy Tahoe Review Entertainment and Navigation

Chevy Tahoe Review Entertainment

Makes Family Travel Entertaining

I first noticed that the Tahoe offered satellite radio and OnStar. Those are two features we have enjoyed in J’s Malibu. When I get a new car, satellite radio is a must! I love being able to listen to different music genres whenever I want! It’s also great for families thinking of taking road trips. I know when we drive to San Antonio there is a stretch where we can only get two radio stations. They are both country and we are not country fans!

If I thought satellite radio was a must-have, I now have two. My new must-have… a DVD system.

So many people have them and I always thought it was just a luxury. Until I experienced how much easier it makes a road trip with a toddler!

W has taken to only putting up with sitting in his car seat for about 30 minutes max. Well, that isn’t quite enough time to get to Galveston from Houston. Especially not with traffic issues that seemed to happening for no apparent reason. Cue DVD system and a Yo Gabba Gabba DVD! We were saved!

The Chevy Tahoe saved us from having to survive 45 minutes of screaming. We have done it before but it was so nice to avoid a repeat experience!

Chevy Tahoe Room for the Entire Family

Room for the Entire Family to Stretch their Legs

So while W was entertained, he also had plenty of room to travel in comfort. My aunt’s older Tahoe does not have bucket seats in the second row so when I opened the door and saw them, I was thrilled. I love the design and how easy it is to get in and out of the Chevy Tahoe! It makes the third row much more accessible! The Tahoe can seat up to 7 so it was great for our family of 5!

Oh, and if all of these amazing features weren’t enough. The Tahoe also featured one of my mom’s absolute favorite things!

Chevy Tahoe Review Sun Roof

Sun Roof Baby!

My mom is a huge fan of the sun roof! She loves being able to let in a bit more natural light. When the weather is not in the 90s and full of humidity, it’s also great to get an extra breath of fresh air! It was like the cherry on top of a Chevy Tahoe sundae! Or maybe it was the whipped cream. She does like whipped cream.

We Loved the Chevy Tahoe!

Basically, we loved the week we spent with the Chevy Tahoe! There’s not much more to say about it. It even made grocery shopping more enjoyable!

Huge thanks for @ChevyTexan for the opportunity! Be sure to read all about our Galveston Chevy Staycation! You can read about other great adventures at Driving the Heartland and learn more about the Tahoe on

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