Cigna Health Care Check Up

Healthcare Check Up with Cigna

Cigna Health Care Check Up

Back to school season brings to mind new school supplies, new clothes, and seeing friends. It also makes me think of coughs, sneezes, and sniffles. Back to school time definitely means it’s time to beef up the defenses at home. As a teacher, I’m exposed to all sorts of germs. I do my best to wash my hands regularly in an effort to keep it all at school. But W has had his fair share of sniffles.

Luckily he has only had two ear infections. We have only made one sick baby visit to the pediatrician. He’s a pretty tough boy who bounces back quickly. When he got sick this summer on our trip to San Antonio, his fever kept me awake more than him. The next morning, he was ready to rock and roll again!

Still, back to school season gets me thinking about healthcare. With many healthcare costs on the rise, it’s definitely on my mind.

Mid-Year Health Check-In Tips

Cigna has a few tips to help us all make sure our we are getting the most out of our healthcare plans. Just remember the 3 Ps!

  • PLAN. Take the time to sit down and review the costs related to your family’s healthcare. Then develop a budget to accommodate the costs just as you would with other aspects of your budget. I will admit that last year I did a poor job at this and over budgeted for our copays in my flexible spending account.
  • PREPARE. This is a lesson I learned about two weeks ago when W hit his head on the edge of the couch. Within seconds he had a huge goose egg on his forehead and I was freaking it out. I am usually pretty mellow when it comes to things but it was so big. We drove to what I though was a local urgent care only to find out that it was considered an emergency room. I would have had to pay the large emergency room copay. So be prepared! Know where things like your local urgent care clinic is located to save yourself some money!
  • PREVENT. See your doctor for annual check ups to catch things early and maintain your general health. Take advantage of free resources such as dieticians and nurse lines that can provide additional information and support.

With a little effort, I think there are definitely ways to lower your healthcare spending. I know I have worked on better budgeting this year so hopefully it will pay off! You can visit the Cigna YouTube page for more of the health plan conversation. It’s definitely something that we’re all involved in!

What do you do to keep your healthcare costs under control?

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