Cloth Diaper Review: AppleCheeks Swim Diapers

Although the Cloth Leaves Nothing Behind event was scheduled to end at the end of September, we still have a few more reviews and giveaways to bring to you! We will be featuring a review and giveaway on Friday and again on next Friday to wrap up this event. Thank you for your understanding! Health and family obviously come first!

AppleCheeks swim diaperWhile you’re waiting, I wanted to share the final diaper I had the opportunity to try this summer. We had the opportunity to try an AppleCheeks washable swim diaper on W. When W was a newborn I had some AppleCheeks diapers that I really liked for that stage so I was excited to have the opportunity to try a swim diaper since it was W’s first summer and we got to go swimming and to the beach a few times. AppleCheeks is a Canadian company that makes a variety of cloth diapering products. The swim diaper is made from two layers of 100% polyester Canadian-milled mesh which allows water to comfortably move through the diaper while keeping solids out of the water.

AppleCheeksWe received a size 2 swim diaper in Mojito which is a very fresh, green color. It works great with one of W’s rash guards. The swim diaper is available in two sizes like the other AppleCheeks diapers. Size 1 is designed to fit 7 – 2olbs and size 2 is for 18-35lbs. We are definitely solidly in the weight range for the size 2 so it was a good pick for us.

The AppleCheeks swim diapers have two rows of snaps and we were able to get a good fit with the placement of the snaps. I also like the elastic in the front of the diaper. In the photo you can see that it gives a snug fit around W’s belly. Although we haven’t tested it, this makes me feel fairly confident that it would contain poo in the front.

AppleCheeksI was also able to get a great fit around the thighs. The elastic was snug but didn’t leave a mark of any kind. I liked how snug the fit was in the leg because it made me feel confident that messes would be contained. With swim diapers that has been my biggest concern so I like when we’re able to get a good fit. This is definitely one of the benefits of the two rows of snaps. I was able to adjust the snap at the waist and the snap at the leg.

The back of the diaper also features elastic like the front. The design of this swim diaper is one of my favorites and has worked well for us. We haven’t tested it with poo yet but I like the fabric because it is extremely breathable. W has worn it at the beach a few times and the sand shakes out of it very well. That’s important when you’re trying to get rid of as much sand as you can before you go inside!

If you’re looking for a swim diaper, I would recommend that you try the AppleCheeks swim diaper. It’s available in the two sizes and in three colors. Mojito is the green color featured in my review but it is also available in Samoan Sunset (purple) and Siesta Key (light blue). The colors are just as great as the names!

Buy it! AppleCheeks washable swim diapers retail for $19 and are available at a variety of cloth diaper retailers. To find a retailer, check out the AppleCheeks website. To learn even more about AppleCheeks, you can get connected with them on Facebook and Twitter as well! You can also check out the AppleCheeks blog!

Formula Mom Disclosure: I received a free product for review purposes. However, all opinions and experiences are 100% my own.