Cloth Diaper Review: BottomBumpers (from Diaper Buddys)

Diaper Buddys Cloth Diaper StoreDespite all of my research and time spent exploring the online world of cloth diapers, there are times when I come across a brand I’m not familiar with. This is the case with BottomBumpers. I had heard of the brand before but hadn’t read much about the diapers and had not had the opportunity to try them. A good friend of mine and Cloth Leaves Nothing Behind cohost, Darcy, discovered a great online shop that specializes in BottomBumpers and I have been interested since then. Diaper Buddys is a cloth diaper store that is dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer service and a unique product offering.

BottomBumpers Cloth DiapersAs part of Cloth Leaves Nothing Behind, we had the opportunity to try a   BottomBumpers One Size Side Snapping All in One Cloth Diaper. We received a very nice pack from Diaper Buddys that included the diaper in Espresso, a booster, and 2 cloth wipes. The first thing I noticed when I opened the package was the softness of the cloth wipes. These have become mainstays in our diaper bag. They work well during the diaper changing process as well as when little faces and little hands get messy.

Bottombumpers Side Snapping One Size Cloth DiaperThe diaper is our first side snapping all-in-one diaper so I was very interested to try it with W. The photo on the left shows the diaper from behind and you can see that the snaps wrap around the side towards the back instead of going across the front of the diaper.

The BottomBumpers Side Snapping AIO come in 13 different solid colors, including all of my favorites — red, orange, black, and brown. One of the wonderful things about BottomBumpers color range is that it includes bright, primary colors as well as more pastel colors. I personally prefer the brighter colors but I know many cloth diapering mothers who prefer the lighter shades. With BottomBumpers there is a color for everyone!

Before I even tried this diaper on W, I was impressed by a few of the features including:

  • hidden wing snaps that are concealed inside the PUL and lining so they dont touch baby’s skin
  • quick-dry snap-in soakers that also feature hidden snaps
  • made from certified organic materials
  • made in the USA!

BottomBumpers Snap-In SoakerThe BottomBumpers soaker is very different from all of my other diapers but I really like the design. Although this diaper is described as an all-in-one, it does feature a snap-in soaker. To me, this is more of an all-in-two but that is not a big deal when it comes to functionality. The color-coded snaps coincide with the sizing options available in this one size diaper.

We are using the yellow snaps which, according to the Diaper Buddys website, should fit from 16-28 pounds. This would be accurate  based on W’s current weight at around 26 pounds. It is great to be in the middle of the size settings because it means we have plenty of room to grow into this diaper!

BottomBumpers One Size Side Snapping All in One Cloth Diaper
I am happy to report that we got a wonderful fit on W with this diaper. I was excited to try the side snaps but a bit nervous as well. Once I got it snapped on him, I was pleased to see that we had many more snaps to go before he would be too big for this diaper. Based on the rise and the large number of snaps, I feel confident that the BottomBumpers AIO will work for us for quite a while, perhaps all the way to potty training.

How This Diaper Fits on a Chunky Monkey: This trim-fitting diaper works very well for my big guy. There is plenty of room in the waist and the legs but we still get a snug fit to prevent leaks. It has never left a red mark on him either. The BottomBumpers One Size Side Snapping All in One Cloth Diaper has a very generous rise and plenty of snaps to handle a chubby tummy. In our experience this diaper has proven to be extremely absorbent through daytime use and nap time. We have not tried it overnight although they do offer Organic Cotton Doublers that can be placed under the snap-in soaker.

Formula Mom Disclosure: I received a free product for review purposes. However, all opinions and experiences are 100% my own.