Cloth Diaper Review: Little Bee Co.

Little Bee Co.The Little Bee Co. is an online cloth diaper shop that I was not familiar with until recently. Now that I have had the opportunity to experience their diapers and spend a lot of time browsing their website, I can tell you that they are not your typical cloth diaper company. The first thing that sets this company apart is their mission. The Little Bee Co. mission is to “bee changed and change the world.” They do this by reaching out to those in need. For each diaper purchased, they donate a diaper to an orphan in need. Along with providing a quality diaper, their passion is to help children in need and bring an awareness to the orphan crisis consuming the world today. In my opinion, this is something that sets The Little Bee Co. apart from other many other companies. Please visit The Little Bee Co. website to read more about their mission.

Little Bee Co.The Little Bee Co. diapers are one size pocket diapers and they come in an amazing rainbow of colors. We received the Honduran Sunrise color which is described as a deep blue with a hint of purple found in the early morning skyline of the breathtaking sunrise over the island of Oak Ridge Key. Each color in The Little Bee Co. rainbow has a story and is dedicated to children in a certain part of the world. I encourage you to read about each of the Bee Changed Diaper Colors. The descriptions are truly beautiful.

The story behind the color we received is this: On a medical mission trip in ’06, I found myself in one of the most beautifully created places I have ever been, surrounded by the most heartbreaking things I have ever seen. To represent the children of Honduras and our love for them: Honduran Sunrise.

Little Bee Co Cloth DiapersThis diaper is one of my new favorites because of the colors, the story behind the company, and because it works so well for us! It has some great features that I haven’t seen on many other diapers.

The feature that really sets this diaper apart from other diapers is the specially designed leak guard front elastic. This is a great feature and I do not have any other diapers with a front elastic. It has helped us get a great fit and I do not worry about leaks or blow outs.

Little Bee Co Cloth DiapersThe Little Bee Co. diapers come in 100% all natural bamboo fleece inner lining or microsuede depending on your needs. There is a generous number of snaps across the front of the diaper and we were able to get a good fit with some room to grow.

On the largest rise setting, you can see that the diaper comes about an inch below W’s navel. This is fairly average when it comes to rise on most of our diapers. Based on the rise snaps, this diaper will get fairly small in size so I would be interested to see how early it fits when we have another baby.

LittleBeeCoThe Little Bee Diaper also gave us a great fit around the legs. W has put this diaper to the full test and we have not had any leaks or blow outs!

I wish I had known about The Little Bee Co. when I was first building my stash. These diapers are on the higher price end but for each diaper purchased, The Little Bee Co. donates a diaper to an orphan in need so you’re really getting two diapers for the price of one!

How this diaper fits a chunky monkey: This diaper works great on W with his thick thighs and his belly. We get a great fit with the elastic that is in the legs combined with the elastic in the waist (front and back) which makes me very fond of this diaper. The elastic has not left any marks on his skin and it also fits well under most of his shorts! I also like that it has a double row of front snaps because it helped us achieve a good fit in the thigh area as well.

Formula Mom Disclosure: I received a free product for review purposes. However, all opinions and experiences are 100% my own.