Cloth Diaper Review: Real Nappies

Real Nappies Real Nappies offers a prefold diapering system that helps you save money and do something good for the environment. The Real Nappies system includes the Snug Wrap Diaper cover, prefold cloth diaper, and an optional Bioliner diaper liner that can be placed on top of the prefold. Real Nappies cloth diapers consist of a natural cotton prefold cloth diaper inside a waterproof Snug Wrap diaper cover. The Snug Wrap diaper cover only needs to be washed when it is dirty which is typically every two to three diaper changes.

Real Nappies Cloth DiapersWe had the opportunity to try the Real Nappies Crawler Intro pack which included one Snug Wrap Diaper Cover, one prefold, and one Bioliner. The crawler pack is designed to fit babies up to 18 months old, weighing between 17 and 30 pounds. Real Nappies also offers a newborn size designed to fit for the first 12 weeks, an infant size for ages 3 to 6 months followed by the crawler size for 6 to 18 months, and then the toddler size for ages 18 months and older. They offer a complete Real Nappies Birth to Potty Pack which includes everything you need to make it through your cloth diapering journey. If you’re a prefold fan this might be a great package for you.

Unfortunately, my journey through cloth diapering has proven to me that I am not a huge prefold fan. You can read about my prefold cloth diaper aspirations and failures to see what I mean. I thought this time might be different but it really wasn’t much better for me, especially now that W is like a rolling pin during diaper changes!

Real NappiesDespite the fact that I find it challenging to get a prefold with a cover on W, I do feel that Real Nappies provides a good prefold and cover system. The laundry tabs have proven to be resilient through multiple washes (yes, I tried the prefold a few times before realizing I just got more frustrated than anything!) which is a good sign.

The sizing is also generous compared to other diapers. It is a sized diaper cover so it cannot be adjusted like a one size cover but we were able to get a decent fit on W. He is currently weighing in just under 27 pounds so he falls in the weight range for the crawler system. I have used the Snug Wrap Diaper cover over a few fitteds as well and it worked for us. We didn’t have any leaks. Although it’s not the cutest cover, sometimes a good white diaper is what you need!

How this fits a chunky monkey: As I mentioned before I felt the sizing was generous and the hook and loop closure allowed us to get a good fit. I personally struggle with the placement of the prefold and keeping it in place while the cover goes on. Even with my challenges and my little guy with a big belly, we did not have any leaks the few times we used the prefold.

Buy it! You can purchase any of the Real Nappies products on their website, The Real Nappies Birth to Potty Pack will have you ready to go on your cloth diaper journey for only $499! If you’re not quite ready to make that kind of commitment, you can try a smaller package like the Top Up Pack which provides you with 6 cloth diapers and 2 Snug Wrap covers for $39! You can learn even more about Real Nappies by visiting their Facebook page or following them on Twitter!

Disclosure: I received the product mentioned for review purposes. I was not compensated in any other way. All thoughts and experiences are my own.