Cloth Diaper Review: Rearz

Gear for your Rearz!Rearz is a company committed to inventing and bringing innovative, affordable, sustainably manufactured cloth diapers and accessories to you! The Rearz product line includes a full range of sizes, including adult!

Rearz Smitten FittedRearz offers a variety of cloth diapers for baby including the Smitten Fitted that I had the opportunity to try with W. Before I go into the details about this diaper, let’s appreciate the obvious. It is red! I adore red diapers. I suppose the only drawback is that the Rearz Smitten is a fitted so it needs a cover and you don’t see the actual diaper. Still… it’s red!

We received a size medium Smitten which is designed to fit between 14 and 22 pounds. I was a little concerned because W had already gone beyond the 22 pound guideline when I received the diaper but was pleased to discover that it still fit him. The Rearz Smitten comes in 4 sizes: small (6-15lbs), medium (14-22lbs), large (22-40lbs), and extra large (over 40lbs).

Besides the color, another thing I love about this diaper is that it is velour! I am a huge fan of velour diapers because they are so soft and they are usually pretty cute too!

Smitten Cloth DiaperThis diaper comes with aplix closures which works well for us. The laundry tabs are placed fairly close to the tabs and have not been as effective as the tabs on other diapers but it has not been that big of a deal.

Some of the features highlighted on the Rearz website are:

  • one of the only fitteds on the market with a back, customizable pocket opening
  • tongue design for faster drying time
  • large aplix tabs

The pocket opening is a nice feature because it does allow for additional inserts if you are trying to use it overnight or have a heavy wetter. The tongue design does lead to a quicker drying time due to the ability to separate the soaker slightly from the rest of the diaper. While the laundry tabs are not my favorite, the aplix tab closures are generously sized and I do like that feature.

Rearz Smitten Fitted cloth diaperDespite my concerns over the sizing, we did get a good fit on W. In this photo he weighs approximately 26 pounds. The rise is fairly average and we also got a decent fit around the legs.

I was able to use this fitted underneath a variety of covers without a problem. As far as fitteds go, this one has a trimmer fit than many that we own. W can only wear the Smitten fitted during the day because he needs to be changed after about an hour or we risk a leak. Absorbency has increased slightly as we have put it through multiple washes but he often wets a lot and very quickly so that may be our challenge.

The important thing to remember is that the Rearz Smitten is a fitted diaper and needs a diaper cover. It is not waterproof on its own!

Formula Mom Disclosure: I received a free product for review purposes. However, all opinions and experiences are 100% my own.