Cloth Diaper Review: Softbums Omni System

SoftBums Cloth DiapersSoftBums is a cloth diaper  brand I may have never had the opportunity to try if it wasn’t for Cloth Leaves Nothing Behind. I’m so glad I had the chance to use it with W because I have become a SoftBums fan! It’s not a diaper I had heard much about on the message boards I used to research cloth diapers so it just wasn’t in my mind when I was buying for our stash.

SoftBums was started by the husband and wife team of Sarah and Brian Van Bogart. They are based in Minnesota and have been selling the unique Echo diapering system since 2008. Yes, SoftBums are made in the USA! As awesome as the original one-size SoftBums diaper was, it was made even better with adjustable leg elastic system called Slide²Size.

As if all of this wasn’t great enough, when you buy SoftBums diapers you are buying quality and it is quality that is backed up! They are so confident in that quality that they will repair or replace any defect you may find with your SoftBums products for a whole year! I love having that guarantee on my diapers!

SoftBums EchoWe received a SoftBums Omni System in Snowcone which is a nice light blue color. It’s definitely got an icy feeling to it! It could be great for holiday photos if you like to show off the cloth! I also received some of the great DryTouch Pods to use with the Omni shell. The pods are just a fancy way of saying inserts so don’t get confused!

Although the SoftBums Omni diaper may look like diapers you’ve seen before, it has many features that set it apart from other cloth diapers. You can use the Omni diaper three different ways!

  1. Snap It! You can snap the pod into the shell like an All-in-Two.
  2. Stuff It! You can stuff it like a pocket diaper.
  3. Cover It! You can use it as a cover over a prefold.

SoftBums Echo Cloth Diaper SystemI love the flexibility of this diaper. Sure you can use any pocket diaper as a diaper cover, but the SoftBums Omni is designed specifically to do all of these jobs!

The other great feature on this diaper is the Slide²Size system which adjusts to fit all legs widths from 4″ – 14″ so you should never have any red marks! So far this has proven to work well for us even with W’s chunky thighs! I can get a great, snug fit but there haven’t been any marks left behind.

SoftBums Omni Cloth DiapersHow this diaper fits a chunky monkey: As you can see, we were able to get an amazing fit with the SoftBums Omni. The rise was great for us since W is at the top of the length charts. There is still room for him to grow as he gets older. With the adjustable elastic, I was able to get a good fit around the legs with minimal adjustment. The elastic around the back also fit well and there was not any gaping. The Omni is one of the best-fitting diapers in our stash.

To learn more about how SoftBums fits an average baby, check out Mama on a Green Mission. If you have a skinny mini, stop by Tales from the Nursery to see how this diaper worked for them!

To learn more about SoftBums, get connected with them on Twitter and Facebook!

Formula Mom Disclosure: I received a free product for review purposes. However, all opinions and experiences are 100% my own.