Connecting with Skype During Summer Vacation

Connecting With Skype

Connecting with Skype During Summer Vacation

I am blessed to have my mother live with me and my family. She gets to see W every single day and enjoy the little things. My father and stepmom don’t live quite as close. They actually live in North Carolina so we don’t get to see them very often. Connecting with Skype has been a great way to check in with them. It has allowed them both to see W grow.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to see my dad, stepmom, and brother in Las Vegas recently. We all came together to celebrate my sister’s life. We visited Red Rock Canyon and held a ceremony for her. We left some of her ashes in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

Family Connecting With Skype

Connecting Generations

Unfortunately, we didn’t bring W with us to Las Vegas. J and I decided it was easier for me to go without the little guy. So, Skype has continued to come in handy. My dad and stepmom won’t see W until Thanksgiving and the last time they saw him was in March over Spring Break. 8 months is a long time and W will change a lot. Going from 15 months old to almost 2 years old is a huge jump!

This is where we use Skype most often. My dad has even gotten the great-grandparents using it so they can see W! That is a huge achievement! They are in their eighties and technology savvy is not a title that they will ever hold! But technology can bring us all together in a way that probably wouldn’t be possible otherwise. It’s amazing and I cherish the group chats we have.

Connecting With Skype This Summer

Skype Bridges the Distance

While I am so thankful to have enjoyed a few days with my family this summer, I like knowing that they have more than photos and phone calls when we’re apart. It’s great during the summer when I am home on vacation. We can connect and W’s grandparents can experience more of who he is!

The group chat feature was extremely easy to do and I have even done it with some of my blogging friends recently too! It has been easy to coordinate times to chat because logging on is so quick. Even if we just have a few minutes, it’s worth signing in and seeing each other’s faces. It’s almost like being together.

Having the opportunity to connect is priceless. You never know how many more moments you will have so you have to take advantage of every moment you can. If it the distance keeps you apart from your family and friends, I suggest finding a way to connect! It’s worth the effort!

Does Technology Bring Your Family Closer Together?

Mom Central surveyed 1,200 moms to find out how technology brings them closer together with friends and family. 92% of the moms surveyed said that they love being able to connect with family members anytime through technology like Skype. Are you part of that majority?

Connecting With Skype Summer Travel Tech Infographic

I look forward to using Skype even more over the summer and into the fall. My dad and stepmom are coming to visit for Thanksgiving and we have plans to make! I’ve found it can be easier to make plans when we can see each other. I guess it feels more like a conversation than just the phone. It’s definitely more of a connection than an email!

Maybe I just like seeing their faces and their reactions to seeing W! It will be quite a while until I get to experience being a grandparent but I’m sure it’s amazing!

How do you stay connected with your family and friends during the summer? Does technology help you?

Formula Mom Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Skype. I received Skype credits to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.