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  1. says


    We found this post on your site as a part of our research, which is very similar to what we like to have:

    We are looking to promote one of our clients site. They run a large voucher site and feature the hottest retail vendors from the US; which includes several industries like apparel, fashion, shoes, electronic, software, sports etc. We’d love to share it with the readers on your site.

    Can you please let me know how we can work together to get a blog post on your site (with a possible link to our site similar to the one like

    We can get on a quick phone call to discuss further if you prefer talking instead email, (If so please let us know the best time to call you).

    We look forward to hear from you soon.

    Thank You.

    Marketing Analyst

  2. says

    Greetings! I am writing from the Mayor’s Office of Special Events in the city of Houston. We are holding a contest for a Youth Commentator for our 4th of July, Southwest Airlines Freedom Over Texas event. We are looking for a child to serve as a youth commentator the day of the event, talking about the event and doing quick interviews.

    This is the website: If you can share with your network, I would truly appreciate it! We would love to thank you with a shout out to your blog from our social media handles.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at or 832-393-0867.

    Thanks so much!

    Dawn Callahan

    Mayor’s Office of Special Events

  3. cathy church says

    I saw your doughnut recipe on facebook. It looked good and easy but since I don’t have a doughnut maker I was wondering if you could use a sandwich maker instead and make scones with it? The pop is an interesting idea, how did you come up with that?

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