Core Bamboo Baker’s Measuring Board Does Double Duty in the Kitchen! (Review)

Now I’m no expert when it comes to creating kitchen masterpieces but I do enjoy following a recipe and making things for my family. During the summer I find myself doing more baking because I have more time on my hands. If you’re an expert baker or just a mom who likes to make cupcakes like me, the Core Bamboo Baker’s Measuring Board is extremely versatile!

Core Bamboo Baker's Measuring Board

The board has great features that come in handy when you’re putting together your latest treat for the family. It has dimensions and conversions marked right on the board’s rolling surface. It is also marked with circles for pie crusts and edged with a ruler for bread! My absolute favorite feature is the measurement conversion table that is printed right on the board!

Core Bamboo Baker's Measuring Board

The board is absolutely gorgeous and I can appreciate the appearance of kitchen gear. I like my kitchen to look good like the rest of my home! I will admit that while I love all of the measurement resources available on the board, I think reverse side of the board is just as amazing! The Bamboo Baker’s Measuring Board features a smooth side that works fabulously for general food prep! It’s so convenient to have all of these features in one board!

Core Bamboo Baker's Measuring Board

One of my other favorite features is the way the board hooks on the edge of my counter. It prevents it from moving around on the counter while I work! It’s also so easy to clean! Although it’s not designed for the dishwasher, the board has cleaned up quickly and easily in warm soapy water!

The Core Bamboo Baker’s Measuring Board is a great addition to kitchens of all shapes and sizes!

When the board starts to look like it needs a pick-me-up, all you have to do is rub it down with some food-safe mineral oil! It will help keep it looking fresh and maintain the natural character of the measuring board!

You can learn more and check out the entire line of products on the Core Bamboo website. You can also find Core Bamboo on Facebook and on Twitter @core_bamboo!

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What would you make using the Core Bamboo Baker’s Measuring Board?

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