Customized Growth Chart Decal from Oliver’s Labels

Customized Growth Chart from Oliver's LabelsCustomized Growth Chart

I have been talking about getting a growth chart for ages. Now that W no longer gets measure laying down, I wanted to be able to start recording his height. I’m all about the memories. There was one problem though. In our move last year, I had misplaced the growth chart I had purchased for him. I hadn’t seen another one I liked until I learned about the customized growth chart decals from Oliver’s Labels!

I will admit that I got excited when I browsed the Room-eez™ Wall Decals because… they had a growth chart that was perfect for W’s transportation themed toddler bedroom! I knew I had to have the growth chart. It was just too perfect!

Oliver's Labels Growth Chart

Easy to Apply

Even after having a bit of experience with wall decals while working on W’s room, I still get a bit nervous. I love the look but worry about sticking one up and having it be stuck permanently. It’s an irrational fear but I always get a little anxious when I go to put up a new decal.

According to the Oliver’s Labels website , the Room-eez™ Wall Decal products are all easy to apply, easy to remove, and easy to reapply. With that reassurance, I was ready to put those promises to the test!

The biggest challenge I had applying the growth chart decal was a result of how its length! It was challenging to get it straight on the wall. I had a pencil, a level, and Grambo helping me. It still took a few tries to get it on the wall straight. Just like the easy to follow directions recommended, a level is key! Make sure you have one!

Growth Chart Decal from Oliver's Labels

Oliver’s Labels Growth Chart Wall Decal

After making minor adjustments and adding some of the additional decals to complete the entire look, I was very pleased with the growth chart. It works perfectly with the theme of the bedroom. The colors are fabulous as well. The decal has been up on the wall for a few weeks now and doesn’t show any signs of curling or peeling.

Durability in a child’s room is definitely important to me. So far, I’m happy with the way the Oliver’s Labels growth chart is working for us. Although, I do have one challenge… I cannot get W to let me measure him! I’m ready to start recording the milestones of his childhood on this gorgeous chart. One of these days, it will happen! Until then, it looks amazing in his room!

There are currently 4 different designs available and you can see them all on the Oliver’s Labels website. For $21.99, you can include your child’s name in the font and color of your choice. We did get W’s name but I have not applied it yet because I need to move a shelf that is on the wall. You can learn more on the Oliver’s Labels Facebook page and on Twitter @oliverslabels.

Which growth chart design would be great for your child’s room?

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