Decorating with Wall Decals, A Confession

Boy Bedroom Makeover Primary Colors

Decorating with Wall Decals

I love to paint rooms. Paint is such an easy and affordable way to make a huge change in a room. But I’m not the decorative painting type. I can paint walls, but I’m not going to be painting murals anytime soon. If you saw my DIY boy bedroom makeover you might have noticed the great transportation details.

Looks like I’m a fabulous painter right? Hah. No. Those are wall decals from My Wonderful Walls and they were my first journey into wall decals.

I was nervous. Would they stick on the wall well? What if I put them in the wrong place? Could I move them around easily? Where should I put them on the walls? It’s a good thing I had my mom to help. She has a great eye for design and we make a great team.

So… the final product looks amazing but did it go as smoothly as I would have liked?

Decorating With Wall Decals #mommymishaps

You be the judge!

Yes, that is a wall decal stuck to itself. No, this is not the first time it was stuck together. This decal gave me some trouble. The wings were long and I needed a few extra hands.

But rest assured, I finally managed to figure it out. And if you’re wondering, yes they were easy to place on the wall. I even had to reposition a few and it was very easy. They have stayed on the wall with no issues and I love the look. The transportation wall decals were just the finishing touch we needed in the room!

But I just wanted to remind you that you’re not alone when things don’t go as smoothly as you’ve planned!

Have you used wall decals to decorate in your home? Did they work well for you?