DIY Valentines: Secret Message Valentines #valentinesday

DIY Valentines: Secret Message Valentines #valentines #crafts

DIY Valentines: Secret Message Valentines

Now that W is in daycare for the next few months, I have been on the hunt for some great DIY valentines we could make. W can only take store-bought treats so baking something was ruled out. But I thought we could definitely make our own valentines. So I’ve been trying out different ideas lately hoping to find something we loved.

Secret Message Valentines might not be great for passing out at school because they look like blank white hearts before you do the fun part! But they are a great activity to sit down and do with the kids. I can see parents prepping them before hand and letting the kids discover the messages!

Secret Message DIY Valentines #crafts

Make Your Own Secret Message Valentines

What you need:

  • White construction paper or cardstock
  • White crayon
  • watercolors
  • Scissors

I love that you don’t need many supplies to put these DIY valentines together! If you have kids, you probably have all of the supplies somewhere in your house!

DIY Valentines with Secret Message Valentines #Valentines #crafts

Once you’ve cut out some heart shapes with your hand scissors, you’re ready to add some secret messages. Oh, and if you have issues with cutting out hearts, grab some heart-shaped cookie cutters and do some tracing. It’s an easy way to get great hearts.

While writing your messages, press hard with the crayon to make sure you get a good amount of wax on the paper. The wax will resist the paint when your kids paint over the hearts. So the message will show through while the rest of the heart gets painted.

Once the messages are written, you’re ready to do some painting. I can see this being a great way to spend some family time together around Valentine’s Day. Make a heart-shaped pizza and have dinner with your craft time! Affordable family fun right there!

Make Your Own DIY Valentines #valentinesday #crafts

Using darker colors is recommended when you start painting. Our dark pinks, purples, and blues helped the messages show up the best. We tried with lighter colors like yellow and it just didn’t show up as much. Plus, pink and purple just shout Valentine’s Day to me!

What Valentine’s Day crafts do you do with your family?

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