Flipping that Drab Feeling to a Fab Feeling with Allegra #ClearBeauty #Cbias

I don’t know if it’s the humidity or something else, but growing up in Colorado I don’t remember having many allergy issues. For the past 11 years since we moved to Texas, it seems like they get worse every single spring. I’m lucky that they aren’t as bad as other people, but I get tired of having itchy eyes all day long! The sneezing has been horrible this year! It leaves me feeling worn out and drab.

Drab to Fab with Allegra #ClearBeauty

I haven’t been sleeping as well because of the allergies either so I end up with dark circles under my eyes many mornings. I don’t wear a lot of makeup. Years of doing theater and wearing stage makeup left me with little desire to wear much makeup in my daily life. Although I do enjoy some subtle eye makeup. A little shadow and mascara just make me feel good. When allergies get my itchy eyes going, it’s not even worth it to wear that much because it just irritates my eyes even more!

Beauty Regime for the Simple

I have a confession to make. The photo above shows the makeup I use when I do wear it. Most of the time when I want to wear something, I will just do my eyes but sometimes I throw some blush in the mix and maybe even some lip gloss. The real confession is that this makeup is at least 4 or 5 years old! It’s just screaming at me to be replaced! So, I decide that there was no time like the present! I needed to go to CVS to pick up something to help with the allergies and I decided new eye makeup was on the list as well! You can check out my entire shopping trip in my Drab to Fab Google+ album!

You Can Have it all with Allegra!

During the month of May, CVS shoppers can get a 30 count of Allegra for $17.99 with their CVS ExtraCare card. You can also play the Allegra Makeover Game and learn a not-so-obvious beauty secret that could win you a $50 CVS Gift Card from Allegra! I learned about the special price on the 30 count Allegra when I was already shopping and was glad that I’m already a CVS ExtraCare card holder!

Flip Drab to Fab with Allegra!

I also discovered a $2.00 off coupon on the 5 count and 15 count Allegra 24 hour if you’re looking for a smaller package. I went with the 15 count so that I could give it plenty of time to help my poor, itchy eyes! Waking up feeling like a raccoon doesn’t do anything for making a person feel very fabulous! Summer is on its way so I want to feel amazing every day! So, I stocked up on Allegra and some new makeup along with some other goodies!

I started taking Allegra when I got home from running the rest of my errands. I wanted to take it for a few days to see how it would help my eyes and the nonstop sneezing I’ve been doing these days! I was excited to break out the new makeup after tossing the old stuff and spend a little me time on Mother’s Day! It’s a great day to get spend a little time on yourself even if you’re just planning on spending the day with the family like I did!

Feeling Fab with Allegra!

After a few days, I can really feel a difference since I started using the Allegra. I am still sneezing just a bit but nothing like before! I now sneeze once or twice a day when I was sneezing at least 3 or 4 times in a row and it felt like I was doing it every ten minutes! It wasn’t quite that bad but people at work were asking me if I was sick so there was definitely a lot of sneezing going on! I have definitely seen an improvement in the eye area. My eyes are less puffy and they don’t itch anymore! I can rub them and it doesn’t turn into the itchy burn of a few days ago! So while I’m glad I had a coupon to save a few dollars on Allegra, I would probably buy it at any price to help me get through the spring allergies!

I flipped my drab itchy eyes into fab with help from Allegra!

With the itchiness gone, I was able to have fun with my new makeup and it really did give me a little boost this morning! It’s amazing what stopping to take even a few minutes for yourself can do! Moms deserve a few minutes each day to help drop any drab feelings they might be carrying around from being tired or feeling pulled in many different directions and turn on the fab feelings! Allegra definitely helped me with that!

From Drab to Fab with Allegra! #ClearBeauty

You can learn more by visiting the Allegra website, checking out Allegra on Facebook, and following on Twitter @allegraotc. You can also follow more of the conversation using the #ClearBeauty hashtag!

Have you been feeling drab lately? Have you ever tried Allegra? How do you turn drab feelings into fab feelings?

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