Can You Draw Dusty from Disney Planes? #DisneyPlanesEvent

Disney provided me with a trip to Los Angeles to cover the Disney Planes press day. Most expenses were paid however all thoughts and experiences are my own.

Can You Draw Dusty from Disney Planes?

I still remember the year one of my first grade students told me, “It’s a good thing you’re not the art teacher.” It made me chuckle because a classroom debate broke out over my drawing of my sister and my dog. While I be the next story artist at Disney? Doubtful. With a little guidance, can I pull off a decent sketch of Dusty from Disney Planes?

I don’t know, you tell me. Here’s my masterpiece!

Drawing Dusty from Disney Planes #DisneyPlanesEvent

This teacher got an art lesson from Disney Story Artist Art Hernandez last month at Disney Toon Studios. Judging from my drawing, he was a great teacher too. But even more amazing than his ability to help those of us who don’t consider ourselves artists was his ability to bring the characters of Planes to life with a pencil.

Well, Art no longer needs a pencil because it’s all about the technology when it comes to developing storyboards now. Which saves him from having to draw the backgrounds and then photocopy them so he can place Dusty in each frame as he flies through the sky.

If you’re never see a story artist pitch their storyboard for their “chapter” of the story, it’s amazing. Not only does Art have to sketch through his entire scenes to pitch to the director, when it’s his turn to take the stage he really has to put on a show.

Disney Planes Story Artist Art hernandez #DisneyPlanesEvent

He voices all of the characters in the scene, acting out the dialogue as he goes through each frame, pitching his ideas, and selling them to the director. Art is the one bringing the story to life in visual form and working hard to sell his art.

And sometimes he even ends up becoming a few of the characters while the film is in development! Yes, it often happens that the story artists then become temporary voices in the movie until the cast records the actual dialogue. Pretty awesome, if you ask me.

So if you ever wondered how Dusty went from a description in a script to the handsome aviator he is now, we have Art Hernandez to thank for helping bring him to life!

Disney’s Planes flies into theaters on August 9th! You can also connect with Disney Planes on Facebook!

Which Disney Planes character would you like to learn to draw?

Disclosure: Disney provided me with a trip to Los Angeles to cover the Disney Planes press day. All thoughts and experiences are my own.