Easiest Salad Recipe You’ll Ever Make! #BYOL #Cbias

The easiest salad recipe done in less than 10 minutes! #BYOL #Cbias

Easiest Salad Recipe You’ll Ever Make!

Sounds like a lot of hype, I know. But you have to remember that I’m all about ease and convenience when it comes to the kitchen. One of my friends recently called me the “semi-homemade mom” and it’s so true! I love to make great meals for my family but I don’t like recipes with tons of prep work. Clearly I wasn’t meant to be a chef. Just a mom. That is why the easiest salad recipe is absolutely perfect for me.

The secret weapon? Lean Cuisine Salad Additions.

With the new year comes a renewed focus on eating better and staying active. Salads for dinner are a great way to get a fulfilling meal while watching the calories. But… they require a lot of chopping. I love veggies. I do not love chopping veggies.

Lean Cuisine Salad Additions at Walmart #BYOL #Cbias

Doesn’t Convenience Mean Higher Prices?

As a mom on a quest for convenience whenever possible, this is a question I ponder fairly often. Sometimes I do have to pay more to make things a bit easier. And when it comes to eating healthier, I do find that higher price tags are often involved. So I did some comparison shopping before trying the Salad Additions.

To make a salad that is great for lunch or dinner for Grambo, J, and myself it would have cost $13.28. That’s pretty affordable when it comes to eating fresh and healthy. However that price doesn’t include my time slaving over the cutting board in the kitchen. A bit dramatic? Perhaps.

The total to feed 3 of us using Lean Cuisine Salad Additions? $11.52! But it gets better because the Salad Additions were on rollback so I snagged them and a bag of lettuce for $10.08! Now that is affordable healthy eating! You can see my entire Walmart trip in my #BYOL Salad Additions Google+ album.

So in this case, the answer is no. Convenience actually cost me less! Love it!

Eating Healthy Gets Easier with Lean Cuisine #BYOL #Cbias

Creating the Easiest Salad Ever

Let me get down to the nitty-gritty details of how I created the easiest salad recipe ever. Anyone can do it. And I mean anyone. I bet in a year or two, W would even be able to do it! That’s how easy it was. If you can operate the microwave and follow a few simple instructions, you’re golden. You’ll be eating a fresh and flavorful salad in minutes!

Making the Easiest Salad Ever! #BYOL #Cbias

Once you’ve opened the box and placed the salad dressing packet in a cup of water, it’s on to the microwave! Put the steamer bag in (you could probably place it on a microwave safe dish even though I didn’t) and cook for 2:30. Let it sit for 1-2 minutes and then you’re on to the next step.

I told you it was simple, didn’t I?

Asian-style Salad Additions #BYOL #Cbias

Add the chicken and veggies to your lettuce. And notice how I have done no chopping so far. This mom was in heaven preparing dinner. Giving my family a healthy meal with a choice of varieties? Amazing! Normally the only choice they get to make when we have a salad is the dressing. Otherwise everyone gets the same salad.

But this time we each had a different salad. I tried the Southwest-style Salad Additions, Grambo tried the Asian-style, and J had the Bistro chicken. It was like we had gone out to eat or something. Since I wasn’t slaving away in the kitchen, it was a great break for me as well.

Fresh, healthy, and easy! Salad Additions from Lean Cuisine #BYOL #Cbias

The last step was to add the crunchies. My family loves all kinds of crunchy salad toppers so I loved seeing that Lean Cuisine included this important finishing touch in the Salad Additions. Oh, and I also loved that I can find these in the frozen aisle right next to our other favorite Lean Cuisines. I’m more likely to buy them again when I see them!

In about 3 minutes, Grambo’s Asian salad was ready. And in less than 10 minutes, I had prepared delicious looking salads for all of us. I would say that the convenience factor was perfect for me. I don’t think I’ve ever made a salad as a meal in less than 10 minutes. Not one with a great mix of veggies and warm chicken.

It’s never happened in my house until now. And I loved it.

Enjoying Delicious Salad Additions from Lean Cuisine #BYOL #Cbias

The Taste Factor

But what about the taste? Taste is the deciding factor. Something can be affordable and easy to make, but if it doesn’t taste good we won’t eat it more than once. We’re not foodies or anything, but we know what we like. So I was excited to finally taste the salads.

The bottom line? We loved them. They were delicious and I felt like maybe someone had picked up some salads at a restaurant and brought them home for us to enjoy. But no! I made them right in my own little kitchen! Plus, the salads looked good. Appealing to the eye and to the mouth!

We’ve already added them to our grocery list for next week. I think we have a new staple in our freezer!

Easiest Salad Recipe with Salad Additions from Lean Cuisine #BYOL #Cbias

Salad Additions from Lean Cuisine Bring Healthy Home

Salads have gotten a face lift in my home. I no longer have to dream of a personal chef to make me delicious salads and help me eat better. Now I can grab a bag of lettuce and a box of Salad Additions and enjoy! If you can’t tell, I’m a huge fan. Value, convenience, and great taste! There’s not much more this mom could ask for!

You can learn more about Salad Additions by connecting with Lean Cuisine on Facebook and on Twitter @LeanCuisine.

Beginning January 6th, there will be a nationwide magazine ad with a Salad Additions coupon. You can also learn more and grab a coupon at select stores during in-store demos on January 13th!

Which variety of Lean Cuisine Salad Additions would you like to try?

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