Easter Basket Ideas: Goodies That Are Safe For Everyone! Vermont Nut Free Chocolates

When I think of Easter, one of the things I think about is a big chocolate bunny. It just seems like such a traditional item to include in an Easter basket. Unfortunately for those with nut allergies, finding a chocolate bunny that is safe can be quite a challenge. Even though it is easy to find chocolate and candy that doesn’t have nuts in it during the Easter season, many of them are made in facilities where nuts are processed. These can put someone with nut allergies at risk!

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates offers a great alternative for those living with nut allergies! All of the chocolate and candy available at Vermont Nut Free Chocolates is handmade, gourmet-quality and provides adults and children with peanut and tree nut allergies a safe way to enjoy a treats that are normally off-limits!

I work with children with nut allergies at school and it limits the food we can have at classroom parties, so I was happy to learn that there are options out there! I was interested to see how they compared to the chocolate Easter goodies I usually pick up at the store each year.

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates for your Easter basket

We received a variety of products from Vermont Nut Free Chocolates to try. The Easter Tote Skippers are similar to other brands of little chocolate candies and I loved the cute packaging that was just perfect for Easter! You can choose from milk and dark chocolate candies as well! The Bag of Eggs comes in 4 different varieties and these went so quickly once we opened them! Though, the Easter Miniatures we had the opportunity to try disappeared even more quickly!

My favorite product from Vermont Nut Free Chocolates was the Easter Pop we received. The Easter Pops come in 5 different shapes! We received the Egg shaped pop and I loved how cute it was and the size was perfect for an Easter basket. It wasn’t too big or too small!

If you’re looking for great tasting chocolate that is also safe for those with nut allergies, visit Vermont Nut Free Chocolates for a great variety!

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Does anyone in your family have a nut allergy? How to keep them safe during the holidays? What do you put in their Easter basket?

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