Easy DIY with My Wonderful Walls #mwwng13

Easy DIY with My Wonderful Walls #mwwng13

Easy DIY with My Wonderful Walls

I’m a huge fan of DIY around the house but it has to be easy DIY. I can paint like crazy. Grambo and I are a painting team. She is a pro at cutting in and I make quick work of rolling paint on the rest of the walls. So, I consider painting to be easy DIY. We’ve torn up old carpet and laid carpet tiles. We’ve laid laminate flooring (only once and have always paid someone since) and we can hang a ceiling fan.

But when it comes to anything with a more artistic flair, I consider it complicated. So no murals for me. We did do a textured wall once.   And I did get crafty and use scrapbook paper to make some wall art once. Just once.

But then we moved into our new house. And W’s bedroom was pink. It needed a makeover in a major way and I wanted something amazing. My Wonderful Walls made his toddler bedroom makeover even more than I could have imagined. The wall murals for kids that they have can help anyone do a room makeover!

My Wonderful Walls Decals Make Easy DIY #mwwng13

Quick Changes with Wall Stickers

We need to paint our family room. The previous owners only covered up some of the nail holes. And they did it with a darker shade of paint than is on the walls. It’s not pretty and definitely needs a new coat of paint. The problem is that we haven’t been able to decide on a color. We’re debating painting our fireplace as well so there are a lot of decisions to be made.

But we have begun gathering decorative pieces for the large wall above our couch. Slowly but surely we are piecing that part of things together. Grambo loves birds and had been on the hunt for a piece of art that could fit on our picture ledges. She was hoping for birds and for a pop of color.

After searching and searching, inspiration hit me! My Wonderful Walls offers a great selection of wall stickers and I was sure I had seen something that would be great for the living room.

My Wonderful Walls Wall Stickers #mwwng13

It only took me a few moments to find the First Flight Bird Wall Stickers at My Wonderful Walls. And I knew they would be just perfect for our living room. When Grambo unrolled the wall stickers and saw the birds, she might have squealed a bit. The colors were great for adding a pop of color. And the sizing worked great with our shelf placement. We really lucked out.

A few minutes later the decals were up on the wall. My favorite thing about My Wonderful Walls wall stickers is that they are easy to apply. And if you need to reposition, they are easy to remove and stick right back on!

Easy DIY Wall Stickers from My Wonderful Walls #mwwng13

So, while we still need to paint, at least the decorative touches are coming together in the living room. Since the decals are so easy to reposition, it won’t be a problem to take them down when we repaint the room. Until we decide on a color, at least we have something gorgeous to enjoy!

Oh, and if you’re more into doing everything in paint, My Wonderful Walls also offers a great selection of wall stencils.

So if you’re looking for easy DIY (perhaps you rent and can’t paint the walls), visit  www.mywonderfulwall.com to check out the selection of items for girls, boys, and other rooms of the house!

Which room in your house could use the touch of some easy DIY?

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