Eating to Lose Weight #iheartomron

Eating To Lose Weight: Fruit & Veggies #iheartomron #mamavation

Eating to Lose Weight #iHeartOmron

Last week, I shared how my pedometer has been a motivator when it comes to getting active as part of the #iHeartOmron 20 day Fitness Challenge. My Omron HJ-323U USB pedometer has been fun to wear and I love trying to beat my record each day. But activity is only part of the formula for weight loss. It’s also about eating to lose weight and I learned that during my first weight loss journey. It’s definitely a two-part puzzle.

I’ve done a number of different things in the past to help me with my eating habits. I’m currently on Weight Watchers with Grambo. She is a lifetime member. And what we love about it is that we can eat what we want. We just have to plan and allot. I personally love numbers so it’s a great program for me. I’ve also counted calories in the past and that has worked well for me.

One of my favorite things is that most fruit and veggies don’t count towards my daily point allotment. This helps me make it through the late afternoon (my busy snacking time). I can grab an apple and know I’m making a great choice. In fact, because it’s zero points, I feel encouraged to grab it instead of some other snack food!

Eating To Lose Weight: Snacks #iHeartOmron

Satisfying Cravings While Losing Weight

But the cravings still come. I won’t even try to deny it! I definitely have a sweet tooth! So that’s when I depend on portion controlled snacks. If I open a box of crackers or get out a box of cereal, I know it’s all going to go downhill quickly. But if I grab a yogurt or a granola bar, I can satisfy my craving without going overboard.

So, I’m very familiar with the sweet snacks that are only 2 points each. And I do indulge in them. But once I finish my treat, it’s gone and I don’t overeat without making an intentional decision to do so!

Something must be working, because I have lost 14.8 points since I applied for the Omron Fitness Challenge! The proof is on the scale! But I’m also feeling great which is what makes it all worth it. I want to lose about 25 more pounds so I know I need to just stick to it!

What are your favorite snacks for eating to lose weight?

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